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China Manufacturers and B2B Marketplace

Refer to Chinese industry, we usually concern the b2b plats in China,and said about b2b plat, we have to say about the lead of Ma Yun's guide, alibaba become the symbol in the b2b, never one b2b can competitive with... More Details

What Guaranteed can B2B give to us

Since Xiaofeilong become for Tradekey agent, we have got an important inquiry from all the customers who are interested in Tradekey,once we become into Tradekey siliverkey or goldkey, how many inquiries we can get each month? More wil... More Details

An American friend's views on B2B

From his original program of a B2B business proposal, I think his description makes sense, perhaps B2B issues, as he said, all issues are displayed, regardless of Ali Ye Hao, MIC Ye Hao, more or less these problems! the face o... More Details

B2B frequent random price adjustment, Whether caused by the effect of business or negative impact?

In the current economic environment, the world's leading B2B website is very normal to adjust prices is also very common thing, the overwhelming majority of markdowns, the majority of B2B companies in the promotional marketing acti... More Details

The Garbage B2B Websites

TradeB2B concern B2B industry for many years, during which our experts have to personally do the vast majority of B2B experience, as well as use of surveys, some of which B2B websites user experience and service people are worried,... More Details

Google Ranking to help you select the foreign trade B2B platform

B2B platform of choice for foreign trade has been a hot topic in the field of foreign trade in Fu-step forum many people discuss who is using either praise or complain; B2B companies are preparing to choose one side see foggy, I do no... More Details

What is the B2B? B2B introduction

B2B (Business To Business) is a kind of a market area, is the marketing business to business relationship between. E-commerce is a modern B2B marketing in a specific major manifestations. It intranet, working closely with our custo... More Details