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An award winning B2B vision 2015


Brian Macreadie, chief brand and marketing campaign in Berlin Leighton Paisner LLP, tells us why his campaign came strengths B2B 2015 prize and why not much is given away in the race for the event in November

1.Tell me some of your input last year and why you think you won ...

In our campaign based on events - occupied Lawyers Program - which provides legal expertise that our public has told us they wanted, but they did it in a fun way without shame.

2.Why do you think that has managed to stand out from the crowd?

First, it is based on a clear focus on what our customers wanted and needed. Second, we had the great and courageous ideas on how to deliver these requirements. And finally, as with everything in our industry, you can not get anything without a brilliant team back on her.

3.What does winning mean to you?

Beyond blatant narcissism, you mean? I'm really happy to see the looks on the faces of our team when they learned they had won. They are great people and it was a very rewarding time.

4.What does winning mean to you as a company?

Knowing how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd, our marketing manager always encourages our team to aim high. While getting the recognition of his peers and won a trophy is the icing on the cake, the most important thing was that dared to be different for our customers.

5.How victories are used in your marketing approach?

We not. Win a prize of marketing is promising for our own people and so we used to celebrate the success internally, but never become a centerpiece of our external marketing. Our focus development activities of external affairs on one thing and one thing only - to help our customers succeed.

6.What advice would you give to other B2B res seeking to recover their prices?

Can I say, "Come work in our team," I'm a bit serious about it, but to add a little more courage like starting from a customer view, be bold in what you do and measure results.

7.What, In your opinion, are the secrets to a winning proposal?

Many B2B marketers out there are doing a lot of amazing things. You just have to be better. the biggest and best ideas are the main results.

8.What do you have up to eight months? What's next on the horizon?

You know, when the James Bond movies where the villain says 007 all its plan to dominate the world and you think: "What do you say - just do 'Well, I will not say that our cunning plans forward progress (he says, sitting in a hidden lair and stroking a white cat). Muahahaha!

9.What, if anything, he taught at the ceremony last year in the world of B2B in general?

As B2B marketers, regardless of the professional services industry - technology, real estate and financial services - that each work in a very competitive environment and our target customers are incredibly bad weather. These days it takes a very special and a very brave marketing effort to stand out from the crowd and capture both the imagination and the business needs of our respective audiences.

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