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B2B marketing methods-personal experience opinion


A successful B2B sales worker is that who can find and develop the value b2b products, persuade and attractive to clients.

Affect clients purchase element:

1. Marketing provoke: A.Products  B.Price  C.Promotion

2. Outside Provoke: A.Economy  B.Technique

3. Clients buying psychology: personal psychology

4. Purchaser policy decision process: A.Make needs  B.collect information  C.adjust  D.decide to purchase  E.purchase method

5. The feedback from the clients: A.Products choice  B.the brand choice  C.the time for purchase and the useful

Due to the sales circumstance changes, new product, new brand comes,clients need to collect the relative information, then make the purchase decision.

The most important is the process for the clients decision:

Bring the needs - collect information - adjust project - decide purchase - purchase behavior - sales service

The net marketing not means the net selling,also is not easy to build the company website, the net marketing means use the internet technique to satisfy clients’ need to reach the explore market effect.

About my personal marketing, only to say as below:

1. Let client feel what we are saying is to protect their profit.

2. To attractive their purchase aim, and then activate their desire.

3. We can talk something hobby with him, and then to know more about each other, to close the distance with the client from the talking.

4. Clients purchase behavior is shown from50%, and then aim our products state, don't always say how good our products, then will let client feel you are cheating him.

5. Then the most important is sales service, to call and visit clients, let them feel you care about their profit, this is to protect old clients, and win more clients for us.

Then we can form the big sales lines, the line is max, this is what we are familiar.

This is what TRADEB2B's experience, let client adjust, thank you!

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