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What is the B2B? B2B introduction


B2B (Business to Business) is a kind of a market area, is the marketing business to business relationship between. E-commerce is a modern B2B marketing in a specific major manifestations. It intranet, working closely with our customers through the B2B site combines the rapid response network to provide customers with better services, thereby contributing to corporate business development.

Internet-based B2B current pace of development is very rapid, according to the latest statistics on the Internet early this year the amount of B2B transactions is far more than the amount of B2C transactions. Global B2B e-commerce market in 2006 has reached the scale of 5.8 trillion dollars, expected in the next few years, the annual growth rate of global B2B will be maintained at about 45% in 2010, the global B2B e-commerce market will reach 26 trillion U.S. dollars . 

China is now more famous B2B website.

1. Alibaba: Jack Ma's Alibaba to lead, for five consecutive years was named the world's largest B2B Website

2. Huicong Network: Guo Fansheng led industry-wide e-commerce site, is currently the most comprehensive industry information, the largest industry portal platform; 

2. Baina network: the "business in a hundred satisfied, satisfied to learn in the 100 exchange of sodium in 100, successfully incorporated in the 100" as a mission, committed to the establishment of buyers and suppliers of interactive information exchange platform; 

4. China Network Library: Wang Haibo, China led the biggest chain structure based on industry, dedicated to B2B e-commerce front-end retail development, promotion and application of network institutions; 

5. China Supplier: National B2B Platform for the first time recommended, government procurement and the broad coverage of global markets, the real authority of the platform; 

6. Global Sources: a small gift and advantage of electronic products, is Asia's leading e-commerce platform; 

7. Made in China trading networks: Chinese manufacturing comprehensive, professional e-commerce platform; global sourcing network, its business services and high quality information platform for China's domestic and foreign trade development support; 

9. Ming million Network: Ming million was established in April 27, 2004, just five years already has 46 branches, 3,000 service team size, as SMEs face to face "consultancy" services, access to more than 200 000 SME customers approved; 

10. Business Po: e-commerce based on industry Web site portal and business alliances search platform! 3000 Joint Industry Site Search.

To Alibaba, HC, baina represented several integrated B2B platform for the portal, together with the limelight strong network of Chinese chemical industry, represented by multiple segments of the B2B platform to jointly construct the current market structure of China's B2B e-commerce , occupied most of China's B2B e-commerce market. 

B2B e-commerce platform mentioned above have one thing in common: that they are intermediary platform for business transactions. In other words, the current stage of development of China B2B, the market structure that is responsible for the role of business transaction intermediary platform for e-commerce companies accounted for the vast majority of B2B e-commerce market. 

At present, China B2B business transaction intermediary services platform is key to achieve the supply and demand the release of information. This is the initial stage of B2B e-commerce. But also the supply and demand information release only from this one project on the 10 million SMEs in China has brought great opportunities and benefits. 

In this sense, B2B e-business both now and in the future, it is definitely a strong booster of economic development.

Currently used in B2B enterprises can be divided into the following two modes: B2B supply chain platform:

1. For manufacturing or business-oriented vertical B2B (Also can be called industry B2B). Vertical B2B can be divided into two directions, upstream and downstream. Manufacturer or commercial retailers and suppliers the upper reaches of the formation of supplier relations, such as Dell Computer Corporation and the upstream chip and motherboard manufacturers are cooperating in this way. Manufacturers and downstream distributors could form sales relationships, such as Cisco and its transactions between distributors. Among them, the network led network of its website containing representatives of the industry B2B site, will re-interpretation of the concept of vertical search, so that more business people used to do business with search mode to ring, to find customers. Vertical B2B cost relatively low since the vertical B2B is one faced by many practitioners within the industry, so their customers are relatively concentrated and limited. Similar to the site Alibaba, China's Net library, etc.

2. For the middle market in the B2B (Also can be called regional B2B). This trading model is horizontal and B2B, which is similar in all process industries concentrated in a place, for the enterprise of the purchaser and supplier side provides a trading opportunity as Alibaba, HC Wang, Chinese-made network, Ying Shang network, global resource network, China Network libraries.

B2B Process:

1. Orders to vendors and business customers, we must first issue the "User Order", the order should include product name, quantity, etc. a series of product problems. 

2. Sellers receive a "User Order", under "User Order" requirement to check product supplier situation, issued the "Order." 

3. Suppliers received and reviewed a "Order", the vendors return to the "Order" for an answer. Essentially whether the goods and so on. 

4. The vendor in identifying suppliers to meet business customers, "User Order" required in the circumstances, to send the goods transport operators and transport conditions of the "transport inquiries." 

5. The transport providers in receipt of "transport inquiry", the vendors return transportation to the query answer. Such as: whether the ability to complete the transport and the transport of the date, route, mode, etc. requirements. 

6. No problems in identifying transportation, vendors immediately to commercial customers, "customer orders" a satisfactory answer, give suppliers the same time issued a "delivery notice", and notify transportation to transport. 

7. Transport operators received "transport notice" after delivery. Then to the payment gateway business customers issued a "notice of payment." Payment gateway and bank notes and other settlement. 

8. 8he payment gateway to the distributors to effect the transaction successful "transfer notice."

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