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Malaysia's Solar Industry Is Rising

By Admin on 2016-12-15 16:15:49 posted in Market Analyze

KULIM, Malaysia-Tucked away in this former tin-mining town, past the small farms of banana trees and oil palms, is one of the solar industry's best-kept secrets.The six factories here with cavernous rooms up to one-third of a mi... More Details

Israel E-commerce Market

By Jenny on 2016-10-31 11:34:17 posted in Market Analyze

Recently, it is found that Israel made a new record by ranking the first among countries in online shopping in 2015. It seems not a profitable market with a population of 8.2 million only. However, a unique domestic environment makes I... More Details

African nations may be the new Brics

By Admin on 2016-10-13 17:54:54 posted in Market Analyze

The emerging market slowdown is affecting some countries worse than others, with comparatively resilient growth in African and the Middle East now attracting serious attention from the financial salesmen whose job it is to keep the inve... More Details

Remarkable achievements of China-Africa cooperation

By Admin on 2016-10-11 15:17:18 posted in Market Analyze

2013 , under the situation of the continuation low growth of the global economic, China-Africa keep good development relationship of economic and trade: a more solid foundation for bilateral cooperation is built and the cooperation will i... More Details

China will be the world's largest Food importer

By Admin on 2016-10-11 15:14:40 posted in Market Analyze

According to the prediction of U.S. Food Industry Association that by 2018, China will become the world 's largest consumer of imported food and  the Chinese mainland imported food market scale will reach 480 billion yuan. ... More Details

Downturn of Russian economy

By Admin on 2016-10-11 15:06:50 posted in Market Analyze

According to reports, in 2013, the development of the Russian economy downturn, almost at a standstill: the devaluation of ruble, capital flight, severe household indebtedness. Even the government admits that this year's economic sit... More Details

Suggestions from Brazilian buyer

By Admin on 2016-10-11 14:49:23 posted in Market Analyze

Are you confused to develope Brazil market?I summarized my client suggections,let's share.First, find the most trusted and cooperative partner in the local area. It is difficult to develop the Brazilian market. Encountering these... More Details

Find business opportunity in Brazil

By Admin on 2016-10-11 14:44:33 posted in Market Analyze

Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, is a member of "BRIC" which is one of the biggest country of new emerging market. It is also the holding place of The World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016. In the ... More Details

Analysis of Australian Market

By Admin on 2016-10-10 20:28:06 posted in Market Analyze

Australia has reached an agreement of currency exchange directly with Chinese, which will enable more convenient for enterprises in Australia and China. In the long term, it is also good for the seller whose target market is Austral... More Details

No Japanese in a Nissan Factory

By Admin on 2016-10-09 16:28:49 posted in Market Analyze

China is the largest market for new cars, and motor corporations over the world have competed for this market fiercely. In order to make a rapid expansion of their market they start to increase their production in China.It is reported t... More Details