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For more b2b companies,seo is the main way for them to collect the resource,it will become the main factors for their developping in the next years.

Powerful engine tuning is ali baba and global resources and made in china for many enterprise networks b2b success of the key contributors to these four consecutive years included in the industry of electronic commerce site top100 business, it will have the ability to get closer to human beings. but the numerous industry vertical class b2b enterprise search the importance of understanding, this leads to the loss of many opportunities, such enterprises in this respect has significantly improve space.

SEO website analysis centre

(1) To develop the buyer is the key for most of the b2b competitive companies

To illustrate this question, first from b2b business model mentioned. b2b business model to the establishment of the most critical point is the need to be able to attract enough of the buyers and sellers, then let the two are in the success of various b2b commercial activities.

Relatively easy to extend the seller, because the seller's surface features, it is easy to find, in the marketing method, the seller "pull" to the landing above. but i want to attract buyers, unless the buyer of purchase and use the method "initiative" into the web site, b2b is difficult to get through various other ways of expanding the buyers.

So seo network marketing centres research center b2b competition among enterprises, the key to the buyer, who in this sense, he has a stronger competitive.

(2) reading: b2b to extend its nature can be interpreted as a flow of business

And most of the nature of the internet business, b2b by nature can be regarded as a flow of business, and the right to speak mainly to purchase the traffic. its main point is, has bought many buyers to flow and unit cost will do. these are the amount of traffic on the platform of the seller, flat prices is much difference. the process of the sale of the corporate profits.

In the sale of flow of business, different b2b enterprises purchase flow and flow of the purchase after handling different, this also led to major b2b market diversity.

In this process, if only consider the trade flows in the process of a difference, the profit level are rather limited, business and persistent. but if only as a business in the early stage of the necessary means and in the process of accumulation of all, it is possible to achieve a breakthrough in the business model, and much more successful. it's like when ali baba, the first areas in the trade succeed, and in the process of accumulation of the client,then develop the Chinese websites, sucha s Paypal, and

In the sale of flow of business in the purchase of traffic flow, for there are many different ways, on the way to optimize, such as search engines paid search engines, e-mail marketing, the forum, advertising, network marketing brand line of approach as newspapers, magazines, in the event promotion and so on.

To traffic flow, for the processing method is different. for example, the global resources, and ali baba, chinese manufacturing net to the seller for all kinds of strict authentication, to ensure the quality of information, so that buyers are more comfortable, and other platforms, in this respect do not have, in the same traffic conditions, industry standard higher B2B Platform can often the traffic at higher prices for sale.

(3) how to get down to a reasonable cost to get the buyers traffic is the core of b2b

In summary, b2b enterprise, the focus on how to large-scale to lower costs for traffic, and how to attract buyers. at higher prices for the flow and is understandable to improve traffic flow in yield (have the same circumstances, the price of the traffic is high yield higher).

In this process, from our point of view, if its traffic 50% lower than the others, it can yield 50% of the traffic measures to counteract this, and conversely, if the flow of low yield than 50%, it may, by 50% of the traffic measures to counteract.

Two ways to achieve the effect of the surface, and some people think that "how do you get a buyer can rest assured that the procurement and continue to raise rates was b2b future.

Hold this view believed that, "simply flow of trade will give the user b2b the false boom. the face of the search result in a field, but the actual business to find some no reliable supplier; the daily a number of suppliers or even several dozens of the acquisition of information in response, but when she found a lot of merely inquiry, market research has already expired, or even to the hundreds of candidates." so how to continue to order is the b2b's future.

Seo for this view, the web marketing centres research center, rates (flow is affected yield) b2b key factor, but for most b2b corporations should be lower than the important part of "flow" to gain power.

For a considerable extent, traffic in a given period is a mirror, flows the average cost is not swept along with the flow of the scale and improving increased significantly, but want to improve traffic is very difficult to yield, traffic could not yield an increase of price, and the more similar to a level rise. that index increased flow to and cost only a linear, and traffic had to yield. the cost of the index.

Illustration, such as web traffic over ip have every 10, 000, and now wants to put it up several times, make it easier to promote traffic. but to yield different, such as the traffic is a 1% on average yield (100 ip traffic, producing an inquiry), want to put it up to 3%, 5%. that was all very difficult to achieve.

So seo network marketing centres research center, how reasonable cost of acquiring  the traffic is really the core of the entire b2b.

(4) Seo is the main way for b2b websites to get the buyer's information

Overall, the reasonable cost of acquiring the traffic is the core of b2b and b2b to flow in various ways, the cost of every kind of method is different, so in so many of the traffic gets means, the instrument is the most important? to solve this problem from the habit of talking.

Online search engines on the main focus on trade b2b.

Seo network marketing centres research center, business revolves around an online b2b search engines, in the online search engines b2b trade in central role.

"Enquiro named solutiosn canadian a search engine marketing company and it had done a b2b buyer through online study how to generate the purchase of a b2b e-commerce research report. the report shows that, overall, the seller through the internet to locate the supplier will take approximately 50% or so of energy in general, google search engine for about 15% or so of energy on such platforms, ali baba b2b about 25% of its web site on the seller. And 10% put their information on the industry websites.But it is also important to note that although buyers will have to spend 50% of energy in the search engines, but "the search engine itself is not a search engine finally, the buyer to seller b2b platforms, the web site, in an informational site, and other sources."

B2b the main flow from the website search engine

So for anyone who want to pass a means to an online buyers, the most important means is clear that the maximum obtain approval from the search engines to search for the buyers.

Like to make network chinese for example, according to statistics, alexa made in china network of sources, the last three months from the search engine's the average ratio of (statistics on march 12) : 2010. in fact, most b2b platform, the ratio will far outweigh the numbers.

From the above information that is the search engine arrived, such as alibaba b2b platform of the main channel. therefore, in search of the search results to a good position to become the key to the problem. actually, ali baba, the resources made in china for foreign trade, net b2b google search engine on the platform waiting for the corresponding key words search results are all very front, which is the search engine tuning in large flows.

Of course, apart from the search engine tuning, ali baba and will continue through a large number of search keywords advertisements to obtain some of the traffic and will go abroad in the event, and even some of the newspaper, tv and advertisements, but in contrast, the search engine tuning is the web traffic over the most important is the most inexpensive.

(5) for using the network successfully such as alibaba and global sources and made in china

From the existing circumstances, the industry leader b2b of them have the search engines, and ali baba, the net is made in china, that typical representative. the resources originally to paper the media in itself, but its own engine tuning ability strong.

The above-mentioned web site to success lies in the search engine, google search for the relevant products, the site search results will be in the forefront of the search results. a typical example is the other ali baba's years ago, google was even to ali baba's "the search engines". at that time, many products kind words, the google search results page 10 search results are even half that of ali baba international standing.

With alibaba, china made a success, in some cases, enterprises b2b industry in essence, to search the level and in the search engine tuning aspects of its ability to pay a heavy price, temporary and permanent exit the market. a typical example of such web site, it overemphasizes the business model innovation, the stress on evaluating the ability of vendors (essentially can be considered in the traffic; yield) There is also a lack of patience and sure enough, for a website search engine tuning want to succeed, it must have enough time to accumulate. some enterprises, though in a traditional channels and means to promote respect is excellent, but in the online promotion, especially in search of the obvious, a typical example of such as the global market, its site in search of akin to any.

The suggestions from the B2B marketing

By the above analysis, seo network marketing centres research center in the next few years, the search engine tuning will also be affected b2b enterprise development of the key contributors to the web marketing centres research center seo proposal:

1. And to ali baba and global resources, networks have been made in china, the search engines to optimize use to close its business, the first should be in the search engine tuning addition to other buyers development opportunities on the various channels, and the collaborative nature; second, the more important should be the emphasis may have been ineffective use of resources to the business model innovation, the flow of business.

2. And the global market and large number of industries such a need to optimize b2b enterprise search engines to attention to improve on their core competitiveness.

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