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The problems which exist on the b2b website - Ignore the buyer's taste


Tradekey is the most successful website who is good at seo, since I was research the b2b these two years, though member service I fould one important problem, that is what we ignore the user's trial.

1.What is the most small and middle factories, trading companies need?

This question is very simple, gain the profit is the company's aim,also is their first target,no profit,it is hard to develop.But how will the companies get the profit? That is get more orders and reduce the cost,here the first questions we can see the answer easily here.

2.How to get more orders?

To gain the order means that someone should go to buy your products or your service, then how to let more people to buy your products and service? Many b2b operator didn't consider it wholely.The first thing they consider is how to promote their services to the supplier in their website,how to do B2B seo and the beautiful flash page,top ranking,paid advertisements.The result is that,many users were struck by these beautiful services but which can’t give them the exact efforts or heply.Of course, it is good to supply the small and middle companies the service. But since we are a b2b website we need to do these, and there is another important duty , which is also ingored by other B2B Websites.Thta is how to attract moore buyers and how to keep the buyers use your website, to search the suppliers.Consider that, if there is no buyer come to visit our website,though we do good seo , beautiful good shop exhibition, that is no useless, we didn’t give the companies any orders from the buyers, then the companies will leave from us soon.Then we can see that most buyers give us the profit.Many operator did relaise this problem, but in fact they didn’t do the better service for the buyer,then their website won’t be attracted by the suppliers any more.

3. In the service is also important means to gather, is to protect the long-term development strategy b2b site measures

Future b2b site trend is from a "centre" to the seller for the buyers and sellers and "against the seller. all members of the services do more, you will not make a detailed presentation. here the focus is on how to do service. buyers want to make good the services, we first have to analyze the buyer's market demand and the network use.Buyers of internet use, to search of information. so when the buyer to enter the product search when he buy product at the same time, he may need to know about the product of the relevant information. for example, the market price, quality standards and other information. this is the information market demand, we must search for a list of the product to have the relevant information, it's convenient for customers convenience to purchasing to users.Thus, we the site of the links may also increase, it can be directly linked to related pages, the buyer to the search. if the produce additional information, to do that some of the relevant professional button published articles and reward.

In addition, we feel that we must gather the buyer and seller to a large library. in fact, to do site management b2b similar market, trying to recruit more business in the geographical location of the market will be more stream.

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