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The trade company how to analysis the value B2B websites


In several thousand b2b how should we choose the suitable b2b which fit to us, and consider as a long-term maintenance, or be selected for promotion, of course, what should we go to adjust the b2b platform.

1.Midea promotion

For a large B2B Platform no matter in domestic or abroad ,the information on the network should have a lot of media the promotion and publicity which are different b2b platform of thoughts, then we can get from this analysis for those who were exposed to the promotion and b2b development trend of the scale, and, in our every b2b choose a site can serve as an analysis focuses on the web site.

2.Watch the site data

Here to watch website is mainly from the data several aspects to a web site, mostly for the relevant data some search engines.

A.Website Pr.

B.The ranking in the world

C.The colleaction data on the search engineer

From the above points we be easy to see a web site of the basic information, for instance, when we saw a b2b platform for PR 7, and the Alexa ranking in the 100 , so we can only natural that the site of the world of value and concern for these basic data can we rule out a lot of rubbish have any value of the site.

3.See what the group we point to

We can divide the users into the two groups:

a.Product group classification,first of all we need to know our website detaily what we are selling, and what the main users we need, as the prophase settle is very important, we need to promote according

our products,if we don’t have any aim and then once we invest a lot of money, maybe we can’t get the effect what we need, we need to choose the plats which are suitable to our products, such as the comprehensive B2B Websites seems good for us, but they promote to all the products but not one kind special product,,then it may be more valueable than a worse b2b, but in fact it is not like this, so we need to know the b2b what we choose are related to our products, second we need to make the promotion around our users, for example, you are doing the plastic machines, then when you put the plastic machines products information,many people will think that they are not related, as one is machine the other is the product,and these two classifications are the same customers, and we can use for the whole promotion, but not only invest on only one B2B, of course now many b2b websites check the information carefully,so we need to consider them seriously.

b. User groups, this point in the country is basically difficult it is not a lot of foreign trade of site selection b2b when it is a key, particularly in our products to do, so we're sure to consider our products, our enterprises, and our web site for all foreign trade marketing promotion, For example, your products are suitable for developing countries as we promote the time we will consider our product in the country, and then to the country's b2b platform for the integration of resources, then we choose to the platform when we must be considered in selecting a b2b platform or is a platform of the platform is for me to the user group is about distribution, The distribution of the user community of the distribution of which industries, the promotion and development in all parts of the international situation is it, then from these places to see a web site is where the value of us how to choose.

4.Check the suppliers

A web site of the vendors on behalf of a web of value, including the site of distribution, the number of suppliers involvement and so on, by the suppliers in the promotion of the situation is always concerned about whether we the site, and sometimes seen a b2b site suppliers of products, but very refresh very few, So we will consider the web site is collecting information, many b2b showed is a surface, if you are here not to do careful with these sites are easily to be cheated.

5.Check the competitor

From our competitors in the analysis can help us save a lot of detours and save a lot of time, we are analyzing the rival b2b choice of the main areas analysis,

a.the b2b plat which our competitor choose 

b. the reason why our competitor want to choose it.

c.The time our competitor choose to attend the plat.

d.if the competitor are considering other b2b plats.

These are what we need to concer, for example we are choosing one b2b plat, and we need to see what our competitor is choosing now, and we can analysis the package which our competitor is choosing, and the time they are choosing also, if they consider for a long time, once the time is longm we can see that this website did have the value.

Of course, the other competitors do b2b platform we have to be done "no, i have, and i, and i was a good, quiet i" this remark from the inside of the competition is the platform of the competitors are doing b2b platform so we must do our competitors do not do likewise to do, When all the information dissemination and popularization of the above all do well, then we should be appropriate at this time of the above, how to make their products to the information from the gap from the competitors are in the promotion of products do to swot, then finally, when we can do nothing to do a marketing b2b good time, this time in fact, we should properly consider the increase in the promotion of models and promoted.

6.Check the inquiry quality

Of course this is often the most concern is when we choose so many b2b here are the same, it is the site is able to help me with the enquiry, the amount of course we can be a test case for us to choose the site to track the site every day and every month to bring the company, for the present b2b web sites that are more and more extensive, so many b2b in the inquiry on the result basically is not very good, is primarily on a web site, said an inquiry here for a very critical, you should pay attention to several issues.

Of course, these problems in the back for all to share your analysis of the web site in time if you have to consider the competition, in the web site is suited to our business development, particularly in the product value of it, including the enterprises and brand, strength and technology, products, price and service development, and so on are all affected users to your products are interested in some key issues, So we're complaining about the value of the product itself, must be from the situation to determine or basically in good b2b platform also won't give you any commercial value for your product you have our strengths.

7. listen to rap

Of course we select a better b2b platform can be friends and artistes or is the same as the web marketing b2b, and make more friends give you a good proposal, because the internet is a platform, in accordance with the interflow before that is, yes i know, so many exchanges can let you know.

8.Check effect

Is in effect with the industry are doing or are already made the platform of communication of the site and, when can we make decision to give us a very important, because many people are doing, so we need to know how to do is to select the platform, and trade between the promotion of communication skills, etc.

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