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The the next five years trend growth forecast of B2B website


B2b industry has developed into a web site is not the least, although most of the enterprise itself is not very much, only a small and medium-sized enterprises, but the involvement of companies and business scope, practitioners, and still one of the industrial and investment in 2009, in coming, and all sectors of the site b2b the next five years the trend of development. Although it is a trend, in fact, many service models are also many b2b industry website is doing and doing well, this is the presentation and for some future point of service to the analysis and forecasting. b2b industry website can be divided into b2b big business and industry website B2B Website are at their respective development direction and can be divided into line and below the line, respectively to discuss:

1.b2b industry website "line" trend

B2b industry, there are many good, for example, the development of china's chemical wangsheng intranet network, Chinese textile and clothing network, chemicals and the series of sites, shanghai "my steel net" sales have more than 1 billion, and zhejiang chung chien network under the chinese net for the building site, and hangzhou for one of the global network hardware and network, the ev for web sites. develop good. From the web site development, can be roughly divided the next five years b2b industry website on the development trend.

A. Some suitable for export trade will focus in english, so business is business as a proportion of foreign trade, the web site has a relatively strong and some will work together on the line, for example, online: magazine.

B. Funds allow circumstances, will choose a good business, or the small business, do a lot of industry, will gradually b2b to more business model, operation the next five years will have several trade market is large b2b industry on the web site.

C. Parts of b2b websites cause the effect from other detail b2b website, under this pressure, they are divided into several focus on industries operating more into line, or choose some thought better of doing fine, alone in the web site.

D.  parts industry b2b website will deal, from turning to the online transactions, such as clothing and small commodities wholesale: small, but it is already ali baba's main service, has sought an independent domain:1688. com push the wholesale market, but only for the part of the industry.

E. Most products will face up to the consumer b2b industry, continued expansion of domestic demand will be conducted online shopping sites, such as: the shoes of the carlsberg b2c shangcheng "net" chinese dress shoes, net shopping shangcheng b2c clothes, etc. "net"

F. But b2c the web site, clothing and small commodities wholesale web site also very, very standardized, and mode of the platform is difficult to find a differentiation. but the market is too big, based on industry b2c the web site, clothing and small commodities wholesale site or may be a bit of cake.

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