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Trade Policy List - B2B China valve manufacturers,suppliers - B2B China valve manufacturers,suppliers is an international e-commerce platform which focuses on the import and export of valves. It has now established itself as the world's leading professional valve online B2B trading is a network hu... More Details

Mess of Indian Currency Policy

By Admin on 2016-11-22 11:20:06 posted in Trade Policy

Days before, I have shared the report in the article with you that Rs500 & Rs1000 Are Abolished?! People have to exchange money before Dec.30th in the post office or bank for new note, otherwise,  money is just a useless pa... More Details

What Chinese Exporters Must Know

By Admin on 2016-10-14 11:32:29 posted in Trade Policy

The knowledge of procedures of exporting is necessary for foreign trade corporations. Today I am going to talk about the important matters about Chinese corporations exporting.Documents necessary for export:The certificate of origin, ... More Details