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Internet marketing List - China Lighting Wholesale Suppliers is designed to meet the foreign trade needs of lights industry in Internet age. Focusing on the entire lights industry, via the web site use various means of Internet technology to integrate the industry's c... More Details - Global Buyers and Suppliers B2B Marketplace was established in 2007. Its headquarters is located in Jimo City of Qingdao,which has a fine scenery and  brilliant cultural background. It is a high-tech enterprise based on Internet technologies, refers to the deve... More Details - International B2B Marketplace

‍ is fastest growing online B2B marketplaces, connecting suppliers and buyers worldwide. is facilitating global trade opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Through its leading tech... More Details - Business directory for Indonesia export companies is a directory of companies and business sites, not an e-commerce site or purchase. This site was set up to help SMEs in marketing products and services online for both local and has several ser... More Details - HongKong Business Directory is the best local business directory available included Dining & Entertainment, Shopping & Travel, Food Products, Restaurant Equipment, Household Products & Services, Pets, Medical, Beauty & Health... More Details - Stone B2B Marketplace, Stone Products and Suppliers Directory is an International stone b2b marketplace - granite,marble,China granite,China marble,professional B2B stone trade platform. Provide services for stone manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. More Details

B2B marketing methods-personal experience opinion

A successful B2B sales worker is that who can find and develop the value b2b products, persuade and attractive to clients.Affect clients purchase element:1. Marketing provoke: A.Products  B.Price  C.Promotion More Details

Analysis the lifeblood for the b2b industry website

For more b2b companies,seo is the main way for them to collect the resource,it will become the main factors for their developping in the next years.Powerful engine tuning is ali baba and global resources and made in china for many enterpr... More Details

The problems which exist on the b2b website - Ignore the buyer's taste

Tradekey is the most successful website who is good at seo, since I was research the b2b these two years, though member service I fould one important problem, that is what we ignore the user's trial. More Details

Innovation b2b industry website advertising to promote client's effect

To get to the effect of fee increase as a b2b website operation of the most important work to catch. this is related to the web site will be growing, and even said to be done and put the key link. after years of operation site b2b industry... More Details