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Website: B2B Marketplace connects you directly to worldwide b2b Suppliers as a b2b customer, and as b2b suppliers, you can be seen by many international b2b importers.

B2B Manufacturers:

Gain immediate access to local, national and international b2b importers.

Sell your products at a fixed price, or invite bids to discover what the b2b market will stand.

Build long-lasting relationships with trusted retailers in the b2b marketplace.

The b2b marketplace lets you get access to so many genuine b2b buyers.

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B2B Suppliers:

Whether you are part of a cooperative representing 20 'cottage industry' manufacturers as a business or an agent for one or several larger manufacturers as a business, Alietc will dramatically improve how you do business:

Get instant access to B2B buyers from across the globe in the b2b marketplace.

Adjust your pricing based on b2b market demand or invite bids for your products in the b2b marketplace.

Get invaluable feedback on demand and pricing to better inform those further down the supply chain in the b2b marketplace.

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B2B Importers:

Use your b2b buying power to negotiate great b2b deals.

Maximise the potential for economies of scale in the b2b marketplace.

Agree to a fixed unit price offered by the b2b manufacturer, ask for a quotation, or speculate by bidding for products based on your calculated margins.

Build relationships with reliable b2b manufacturers who produce quality products at competitive prices.

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