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To Tell Customer the Truth or Not

By Admin on 2016-11-27 14:19:20 posted in Trade Learning

Hello,everybody! Is it cold this morning?The plant is still very busy even in the winter.Some people ask me that there're some orders, but the goods can't be manufatured timely.So should we take those orders?
The date of delivery is one of the most important parts apart from price, quality and terms of payment.
Like what I mentioned above,though the customers may canel the order,we'd better make it clear to them because honesty and profession is the key to reach long-term cooperation. 
Besides,don't worry too much that customers will cancel the order because of it while the key is communication. As long as your communication is in a right way, customer will support you the order.
For example,if the customer don't understand why it'll take longer time than before,we can tell them it is at the end of the year when lots of customers confirm the orders.The later the order is confirmed,the longer time they'll have to wait.And if they are one or two months late to pay the deposit, they'll have to wait till the Spring Festival which also indicates that our company are of great power. You are implying your customers if a company now is not busying with orders, then they should consider if it is a good company too. Cutomers are easier to accept and act without delay by this communication way.
Of course,if the customer is in a haste and the customer need us to deliver fast.You can tell the customer that you'll talk with the manager if it is possible to advance the date of delivery to make the customer think that you are on their side.
So I don't suggest you to talk with the customer about the delivery after you receive the deposit which would probably make the customer dissatisfied.Even if they compromise this time,it is still not a pleasing cooperation and you will lose credit from your customers. Don't ruin the relationship for immediate interests.
The year of 2016 is coming an end.Don't get impatient even with lots of orders.Keep yourself calm and also keep your customers close.I'm so glad to hear that everybody has so many orders.

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