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Website: is a high-quality suppliers, manufacturers of China to display for online export market, To provide the latest business opportunities to more than 200 countries and regions from around the world. 

Overseas buyers and Chinese suppliers can find high-quality trade partners through, meanwhile can get supply and demand information from around the world in time, also can post the company products with images, related trade services and other value-added services. Datebase of Online products, covering 40 categories, more than 1,000 subclass, to service nearly 10 thousand China suppliers, about 200,000 times per day from overseas visits, the daily added overseas inquiry nearly 50,000, Ranking 7,000 or so in, It is the best way to find Chinese products for buyers from around the world.


To facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers and China suppliers;

To provide accurate and dependable information on China products and suppliers.

To help buyers and suppliers communicate and do business with each other.

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Nancy 2021-08-02 17:07:07

MIC is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of LED lighting and solar lights in China, as well as the leading provider in energy-saving solutions.