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Founded in Beijing in the May of 1987, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) was registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Nov. 28, 1991. CAAM is a self-discipline and non-profit social organization formed based on the principle of equality and voluntariness, which consisting of enterprises and institutions as well as organizations engaged in production and management of automobiles, auto parts and vehicle-related industries founded within the boundaries of the People's  Republic of China.

The Member Representative Assembly is the highest authority, for which the council system is instituted and the secretariat as its standing body. CAAM has more than 2,700 member units now. After over 30 years of development, CAAM has become an indispensable and important force to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the automotive industry. CAAM has been awarded as "National Advanced Social Organization", "5A Social Organization" by competent authorities, and "National Advanced Association of Machinery Industry" and "National Civilized Unit of Machinery Industry" for many years.

lCAAM has played its role in providing services, reflecting demands, standardizing behaviors and building platforms, and has been widely recognized by the domestic and foreign auto industry, government departments and other organizations.      

lIn October 2010, CAAM became the permanent council member of OICA. In October 2016, became the first vice president of OICA after elected by the OICA Council and approved by the Assembly. In November 2019, took over as  president of OICA (represented by Mr. Fu Bingfeng, 2 years mandate).

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