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Website: is an EDI-based B2B e-commerce platform that facilitates paperless trading and the exchange of electronic orders, invoices and shipment notices among trading parties, enabling enterprises to achieve greater efficiency. 

Since the inception of ezTRADE in 1995, about 2,000 companies in Hong Kong and China, across retail and FMCG, cosmetics, healthcare to food and food services industries, are connected through the EDI Solution platform, with around 20 million EDI transactions being processed annually.

Whether you are a retailer, a trader or a caterer, you face the challenges of handing massive amount of day-to-day paper transactions, and simplifying communication with trading partners to respond quickly and effectively to market demands, therefore, GS1 has developed ezTRADE which connects through the EDI Solution platform.

ezTRADE helps enterprises significantly improve their operational efficiency by:

Enhancing Speed and Accuracy

Reducing the order-to-cash cycle time as the normal excessive quantity of documents in this process are transmitted electronically.

Improving data quality as electronic transmission highly reduces manual errors.

Enhancing the invoice settlement efficiency and transparency as invoice matching results could be shared with trading partners in a prompt manner for subsequent remedial actions.

Saving Costs

Electronic invoice and advanced shipment notice processing costs are 33%-37% and 60%-65% lower than manual ones respectively.

Accelerating cash flow through reduction in inventory costs and out-of-stock items, and improving revenue collection process.

Providing Better Customer Services

Achieving higher delivery rates and just-in-time fulfilment.

Enhancing customer relationships by rapidly responding to customer demands and increasing products/services' speed to market.

To meet industries' ever changing needs and growing demands, GS1 has been working with the ezTRADE end-users' committee striving to enhance ezTRADE features and functions. These include expanding the service scope, the service level such as system availability and service supporting hours.

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