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China will be the world's largest Food importer

By Admin on 2016-10-11 15:14:40 posted in Market Analyze

According to the prediction of U.S. Food Industry Association that by 2018, China will become the world 's largest consumer of imported food and  the Chinese mainland imported food market scale will reach 480 billion yuan. According to the research data of National Bureau: in the past five years, the annual growth rate of China's imports  food is around 15%. In 2012, China's imported of conventional food sales amounted reached 63 billion yuan. China is rapidly becoming the world's largest food imported country of the world.

Therefore, many senior officials began to promote their own food. First, U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke "sales Cherry " ; then Chilean ambassador approached with Taobao, and hope to bring specialty cod for Chinese consumers. And so do Thailand. The Thailiand durian recommended by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture  pre-sale in TMALL, just three days sold 31,971pcs, equivalent to 8 containers. " Thailand 's durian exports to China, reaches about 22 containers for three days, which TMALL takes nearly 40% on the pre-sale ." Ali's staff told reporters.

E-commerce takes an important part.

One one hand, States Ambassador call for selling online, on the other hand, domestic E-commerce push it.

In the Double Ten network shopping carnival, By copied the experience of pre-sale cherries in July, TMALL successfully sold 50 tons of seafood in 12 days pre-sale period which is equal to a two-year Wal-Mart sales.

Shop No. 1 also succeed in the e-commerce sales. As an e-commerce mainly supply imported food, Shop NO.1's sales amount of imported food has surpassed domestic brands during the Double Ten network shopping carnival. The chairman of Shop No. 1 Yu Gang said that they will put the imported food as the important role in the coming period. Because imported food is becoming a hot categories that each suppliers competing for. Take the milk as an example, Shop NO.1 can sale 10 containers imported milk per day.

Reporters found the reason why Chinese consumers favor online shopping imported food is that the suppliers push the business by placing the imported food to a prominent place. In addition, the cost of the imported food is the main reason that attracts the consumers. Compared to the  "Ole" and other high-end supermarkets that specialized in retail imported food, the price of the E-commerce is very favorable .

"E-commerce providers have overweight imported food because of its high-margin and high return ." Beijing Technology and Business University Business Experts HongTao said that the gross profit margin of imported food is over doubled the domestic food, such as the Germany crabs which has no market in abroad but can be sold hundred dollars a pound to the domestic market. It is such high profit that driven more and more E-commerce suppliers enter this market.

Imported food safety hazards

Although the imported food is more and more popular, the successive sampling tests has shot

December 2012 , after the exposure of the lower standard of iodine content of milk of some Japan brands such as Meiji , Morinaga, wakodo, Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau said the paragraph 1 iodine content  of New Zealand WIOM infant formula is unqualified and urged the public to stop drinking.

Since October 2013, there are many imported food fail the quality test in the Yantai Port and Weihai Port. For example, the sulfur dioxide of Thailand imported dried mango is 8 times over than the standard, New Zealand imports of " wildflower honey " even mixed with sugar; a Korean brand of banana milk is detected of a large group of solids; as well as " Alter " brand frying pan, "Kay pro Ait " brand pan residue is exceeded( 4% acetic acid ) , "Kay pro Ait " brand aluminum pan residue is exceeded( 4% acetic acid ) and so as the chromium leaching.

Is it "unsafe " for the labeling "safe" imported food?

The relevant staff of Food inspection and quarantine department revealed that most of the current food imports into the country via the intermediate dealer agents, such as sulfur dioxide Thai mango. It should not solely the origin place to be blamed for because many dealers will use sulfur dioxide as the antiseptic. But there have been several distribution agent of imported food which has increased the difficulties of finding out who is to blame.

In addition, the associations responsible person also said that imported food is hard to determine its authenticity and other problem such as identity confusion and returns. Currently the network sales of imported food can be roughly grouped into three categories: first, origin abroad by domestic dealers and paste the Chinese identity in domestic sales, packaging without domestic sanitary permit number; second, raw material by the foreign manufacturers, domestic manufacturers for packaging and distribution, with the ingredients details on the product packaging and domestic sanitary permit number; third, packing description with foreign letter, packaging mainly carried out by the domestic manufacturers without domestic health permits. Consumers Association experts believe that only the first category is a real sense of imported food and the second part is domestic food, and the third category is uncertain while it may be imported food or a counterfeit.

" The safety problem of imported food is relevant to the incomplete control of the relevant state and the incomplete law and regulators. The government should develope strict standard to manage the Urgent need to develop national standards so as to provide the legal basis for supervision." said Jane Epworth.

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