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Suggestions from Brazilian buyer

By Admin on 2016-10-11 14:49:23 posted in Market Analyze

Are you confused to develope Brazil market?I summarized my client suggections,let's share.

First, find the most trusted and cooperative partner in the local area. It is difficult to develop the Brazilian market. Encountering these difficulties, can Chinese enterprises go to be successful? Yes we can, but it will take a lot of detours, money and effort, as well as a lot of time. When you learn the experience, perhaps the most prosperous economies period has passed. Therefore, the best way is to find a trusted local partner. With the similar area with China, it is not easy to create 9,000 sales outlets and a huge service system in Brazil. So if the Chinese enterprises want to gain success from it, they will need to get the support form the quality local partners, or it will be difficult to expand overseas business alone.

In addition, there is a characteristic of Brazilian buyers. They don't want to share a supplier with other buyers, which is different from the U.S. and European market. In the European market, you can supply three to four customers, but in Brazil, customers want the exclusive franchise, which means that you can not cooperate with other customers while i am cooperating with you, or i will stop the cooperation. This gives our suppliers a big challenge: How can we catch the big customer and how to judge which customer is big and which is not?

Second, we must be flexible enough. Doing business with Brazilian customers require to be flexible and creative. Brazil is not a very stable economy, so its market changes quickly. Some policy changes after fluctuations in exchange rates and the change of government are likely to cause you problems. For Chinese enterprises, you should always be ready to respond to a variety of situations that may occur and to be flexible to respond.

Third, you should well express your views on products and the markets to your customers.because the Brazilians are not quite familiar with some new emerging technologies and markets in Asia. If we can take the initiative to provide some appropriate program or something more adapted to the Brazilian market products to them at the appropriate time, and make our own idea and proposals, it will be more competitive in the market.

The fourth proposal comes from the cultural differences between China and Brazil. Chinese people used to do business at the dinner table, or by drinking or karaoke and so on. However, this is not quite suitable for Brazil. We do not need to spend time on this, but just negotiate with them formally at the conference table. Traded at the conference table will be more useful.

Fifth, do not just go to the exhibition when attend the show. This is a common feature of Chinese enterprises. We used to participate in the exhibition, and return home soon after it is finished. This is a very bad habit. Since we have already went out, why not spend a little time to really see what kind of customers are there? You won't know customer’s background which includes what kind of company he has, how big the market he owns, and what does he do in company, only by talking in the fair. You should stay for one or two week after the exhibition and visit some of your customers and you can know more about the market and the sales channels and also his bank credibility from your customer. You will gain great benefit from it. And that is the way that you can know which customer is big and which is not.

 The sixth recommendation is for the commitment of quality. In the old days, Chinese products is the image of low-quality abroad, but now the situation has the changed. So when you sell your products abroad, you must show your products quality to the customers but not only the price because the foreigners think highly of quality. It is not only the quality of the product, but also your responsible attitude toward others, the community, and the environment. These become increasingly important in recent years. It also comes with the cultural differences between Brazil and China. Chinese people think saying "NO" is a shameful thing, so we don't like to say "NO" although we fail to do it. We will try and think again and again and then say "YES". This is a cultural difference. In fact, there is no need to do so. If you can not finish it, you can just says "NO" to the customers decisively. This will not affect your image in the eyes of customers, but they will trust you more. But if you stall for time to tell him you can not do it, you will not get a chance to cooperate with him next time because he would find it no way to believe what you say.

Seventh, learn to be innovative. Innovation can be seldom seen in Chinese enterprises while usually replicate will be more. Innovation is very important. Only when you have the ability to innovate, you will be able to go through the difficult time. It only means to create a new product, but to create new sales strategy and anything related to the business. Because in doing business with Brazil, it's easy to get stuck. When encounter such difficulties, you should know how to go through with your customers which means you need to innovate. Do not hang on the usual way. It will lead to rupture of the cooperation.

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