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Google Ranking to help you select the foreign trade B2B platform

B2B platform of choice for foreign trade has been a hot topic in the field of foreign trade in Fu-step forum many people discuss who is using either praise or complain; B2B companies are preparing to choose one side see foggy, I do not know how decision.

Past two years, foreign trade B2B platform for the mainstream have,,,,,,,,, diytrade . com,,, so. By looking at the alexa traffic statistics can only see the site's overall traffic, a breakdown of the specific flow is not clear, there is no breakdown of where your target audience is unclear. In fact, different segments of traffic occupied by the overall flow in different proportions, constitute the uniqueness of the various B2B platform, as different people, like the character. Simply the total flow to evaluate the platform with some risks. Fu-step from the comments of the Forum with a certain number of bias, because chances are some commentators that platform sales staff, reviews inevitably biased, so the Forum recommended only for reference. If you can really interpret the flow of each pose in B2B platforms have their own target customers, and account for the targeted traffic, then accordingly to choose the most effective B2B platform.

Google keywords and corresponding rules B2B platform

Let's look at B2B platform for the promotion of ways to promote the B2B online platform (except globalsources, the other with a certain scale B2B platform for online marketing are based) promotion of two ways: one is through natural search engine rankings focus on a number of keywords to rank well; another one is paid advertising. Google's position in the search engine market, Google has become the decision of the B2B platform will not be any let off the promotion places. So the question becomes very simple, we just Google on the B2B platform of the industry key words and paid advertisements, the natural ranking position, which B2B platform can know what is really right for you. That is the main key words through industry inquiries Google, often ranking in a B2B platform, whether natural or paid position ad position, then the B2B platform for the industry should be promoted.

Corresponding implementation rules

1. Just search for your target market

Google's site is very smart, he will judge your IP and browser languages, if you open IE to search and display all the results for the China region. If you want to see your target market, such as the United States, you use a U.S. proxy server with the English browser (firefox, opera, etc.) to check, so search for display ads are for the U.S. market.

2. Keywords Selection

Key words to his initial association based industries, also recommend using Google adwords keyword selection tools to assist screening. Popular word choice as much as possible, so that more people search. In addition, and are a good choice keyword tools.

3. Rankings determine the flow rate

If you search for a B2B platform to cast a lot about your industry keywords (adwords advertising), but these words repeated inquiries and found that it always appears in the penultimate position, which shows the flow of the platform is small, basically will not bring you much traffic. However, this B2B platform worthy of your attention and follow-up performance. Similarly, if the natural rankings, a word more than a dozen pages before you turn to see, this B2B platform is basically not bring too much traffic.

4. Delicate Long Tail Theory

If you Google found a B2B platform in the key words on the very rearward row though, he was in a lot of searching on keywords you will be caught. So just like the Long Tail theory might say, have a good effect.

5. Note that the search time

Pay the right side of the query Google ranking, but also pay attention to selecting the query time, some B2B platform only in designated areas of working hours put in key words paid advertising.

6. Published techniques

After selecting a B2B platform, originally published in merchandise but also to find the key words found in the link page, find ways to make their products will appear in the page where to obtain the best results.

Examples of application of the corresponding rule

China is the world's largest producer of freshwater pearls, freshwater pearls 73% of world production from China, no doubt, pearl industry enterprises in China is a large group. But the pearl industry and very professional, no discussion forum, basically how to choose the industry B2B platform for content, no direct experience to draw on, if you are a pearl industry suppliers, B2B platform intends to select, how to do this time?

First select the corresponding pearl industry Keywords Pearl Necklace, Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Jewelry, Pearl Earring, Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Freshwater Pearl Jewelry, Pearl + factory, manufacturer, supplier, exporter words. With these words in English with the proxy server and browser to the United States to check to see if Google will appear Which B2B platform, available in the following table.

Glance, alibaba and made-in-china in paid advertising and the two both natural rankings. dhgate large amount of advertising, though still can not find in a natural position, but after all dhgate is free, of course, to go with, and published products corresponding to up his advertising path. Tradekey and sulekhaB2B natural rankings have some effect, but no recent word on the relevant ads, but could also consider. As for other B2B platforms, according to their own financial and energy companies choose, do be do not do.

Although the process of repeated search keywords will take some time, but companies need more time to understand the characteristics of the B2B platform for the industry to spend wisely.

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