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Are Female Sales much More Popular?

By Admin on 2016-12-09 11:03:15 posted in Trade Learning

Catering to the purchaser's pleasure is very common in foreign trade since it is very necessary to know the purchaser's needs and habits. I make a heated question collection about “Are Female Sales Much More Popular or not”, so here comes the foreigners!
1.I'm a female sales and I can't do better than a man in the work.As a purchaser, will you tend to talk with the male sales?
Spainish purchasing company CEO:Women are born to be a sales espically to the foreign customers.Women and children are much easier to get along with than men.Use your charisma to have a deal with your customers. However,some female sales don't do so well in acquiring the knowledge.So when it comes to something technical,I'd like to talk with the male sales or technicians. 
2.As a young female sales,how to maintain good relationship with foreign male customers without getting something wrong? How to make a balance on this?
The general manager of Swiss Promotional Gifts Purchasing Company(Shanghai) Marco: Benefit makes the business which means the cooperation should make each other have profit. Europe is not so complicated like China in the maintenance of interpersonal relationship and gift is not popular.As regards what young female sales do to avoid the misunderstanding,I suggest that all things be finished in the office.There is no need to hang out to talk and date at night. If you must send a male customer to the hotel,just end in the hall.  
3.Facing a group of foreign merchants,how to introduce your own company with ease?
Spainish purchasing company CEO:First,put on something that makes you feel confident and comfortable and choose the most relaxing standing posture.Only when you feel comfortable,can you be confident.Then,remember to watch your customers whilst communicating with them.More interaction with them helps you relaxed.Finally,a reasonable PPT helps you a lot.
4.What kind of traders does the purchaser like?
Canadian purchasing manager Sophia:Mastering a professional or fluent English is not the most important quality the traders should acquire.After all oral english is a tool just like MSN,Email,Skype.It can make a great difference when communicating with the foreign merchants if you utilize it appropriately.How to make good use of these tools is what the trader should learn.Trader can learn and accumulate the experience bit by bit during the process of the communication with the foreign customers and form their own style to understand foreign countries’customs,etiquette,cultural background as well as way of thinking to lay a foundation of the fluent communication.
The trader should know well about their company,products and the market because the purchaser value them a lot.If the traders know nothing about the company's product line,the purchaser will lose their patience because the trader still needs to ask the technicians.Don’t ever let the new trader who knows nothing to contact with the purchaser.Before it,the trader needs to learn something about the customer’s company and its country and recommend the right product to the customer.It makes it more likely to successfully make a deal with professional knowledges about the products.
5.Q:Our company's products doesn't have the advantage of the price.I'm just a sales manager.How to make a difference?
Germany Fesco trade company CEO Frank:The products can be lowered by enhancing the management effiiciency and reducing the costs.As a sales manager,what you can do is to make the customers believe that your products are great through your good services.
6.Q:The customers always say "the price is unreasonable." How can I know if it is true?
CEO of Australian Solar Company in China,Australian sales director Michael:You can have a look at their price from other companies and know what is your price exactly at through the other customers.If you wish to beat others in the market competition,you ought to know your price.The research is very important.As the old saying in China goes that “Know yourself and know your enemy,you will win every wars.”
Reading through the above answers, do you benefit a lot just like I do ? Think in different aspects and you can get different harvest! Let's share your harvest!

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