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Website: is the best Local Discovery Search Tool, Search for local businesses and brands in Malta and Gozo. The best Business Directory with accurate company details.

A Digital First Company

Innovation is the recipe for our success and digital transformation is what drives us. This is why we always push forward, identifying and grasping opportunities conveyed by new technologies and reinventing ourselves to deliver substance to its users and clients.

Why Yellow? Let's face it. Nobody does local better than we do. Many have tried to follow in our footsteps. Few have managed to succeed and none have surpassed us. Not only did we revamp our website to its entirety transforming it into the top local discovery tool, but we are also trailblazing the digital landscape. With more than 11,000 daily sessions and a choice of more than 21,000 listings, businesses are more likely to be found by a potential customer in Malta or Gozo.

Yellow remains committed to delivering richer content and an enhanced search experience, through an unparalleled local media presence across the country. With listings, articles, media, pictures, videos, links and maps, shoppers can discover top-ranked businesses and make more informed decisions in all areas when looking for a product or service.

As technology is setting the pace of change, we're taking the digital landscape by storm. We know that slick design coupled with a creative use of technology and a solid strategy in place can make your online presence pop. We think deeply using data and act quickly to deliver smart solutions whilst setting the gold standard for customer care.

With a vast range of digital products such as Mini-Sites, Websites and Tags that suit any budget, Yellow provides the best return-on-investment for businesses looking to reach thousands of customers.

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