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UK business directory List - UK business to business marketplace is the UK's comparison site for business buying, compare quotes for business purchases.Founded in 1997, Applegate is regarded as the UK's largest and widely-used B2B marketplace. It was started-off with the... More Details - UK based business to business marketplace is a popular UK based business to business marketplace, started in 2004 with the mission to make the process of b2b selling and buying as simple and affordable as possible. From the time of beginning Approved Inde... More Details - United Kingdom business directories is one of the leading United Kingdom's business directories. Whether you have a large business or small business, you can register your business at database without any fee. The website is extremely user f... More Details - United Kingdom business directory is a leading United Kingdom business directory provides extensive information of companies operating in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It was developed in 2012 with a vision to provide a free adverti... More Details - UK leading online business directory is one of the leading UK's online business directory networks which serving more than 4 million unique users per month. The websites was launched in 2006 and becomes one of the popular business directories for small a... More Details - UK energy buying platform is The UK\u0027s leading business energy buying platform. An automated marketplace where commercial buyers save time and money. Energy buying simplified.Open Energy Market was established in late 2012 with a vi... More Details