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Something About Custom Clearance

By Admin on 2016-12-09 10:30:16 posted in Trade Learning

Speaking of customs clearance,some foreign traders consider it as one of the responsibilities of the forwarders but actually not so.Forwarders are only responsible for transportation and they will do their utmost to settle the problems arised during transportation but they have nothing to do with customs clearance.
Why is the forwarders to blame?
In fact,it is value-added services of express that confuse the foreign traders.Four express including DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT plus the special express such as EMS and Aramex belong to the conventional express industry. The express company have a unitive customs declaration on the all goods.Arriving at the destination,the company have the customs clearance. Nevertheless,in this process,if the customs clearance failed because of disqualified products or sensitive cargo,discrepancy of the name,then DHL or UPS would  request the consignee to contact with the local DHL or UPS.
Most foreign traders,especially those who start from the beginning,just use DHL to express the goods to the customers and then perfectly finish it.Hence,they gradually misunderstand that the forwarders can deal with customs clearance.The wrong thought roots in their mind and even after they have corrected it,they still habitually believe it's the forwarders’ duty.
What should be noted during customs clearance?
Actually,it is pretty simple to finish the cargo clearance(especially for the company selling the general cargoes).The most common factors include value,invoice name, electriferous or not,sensitive goods and hazardous material.
1.Foreign traders are familiar with the value because they often save the tariff for the customers by lowering it.It's common but don't go too far or the goods will be detained for the low declaration.
2.Invoice name. Inconformity between invoice name and the goods',well,is not a common mistake any longer.
3.Goods with battery.The customs check strictly on them for a few days yearly or the forwarders stop to receive such products.Some hide the battery and pretend the goods are fine.Well,wait for the send back.
4.Sentitive goods.There are way too much sentive goods in the market.Generally the forwarders can operate the goods with the sentitive channel.It's rather safe to have sentitive channel so the goods can be delivered to the customers safe and sound.
5.Except for the sevaral reasons mentioned above,there are other factors in other contries affecting the customs. Take the Saudi Arabia for example,you should be offered the customer's ID card copy to customhouse.
Anyway,I hope you can remember that apart from double clearance,customs clearance has nothing to do with the forwarder and the exporter and if any problem arised,the foreign customers would deal with that.Sure,to maintain the relationship with the customers,both forwarder and exporter will do their best to help the customers out with the customs clearance but don't get it wrong.

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