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Five Realms of Foreign Traders

By Admin on 2016-11-27 14:50:04 posted in Trade Learning

One's horizon makes a difference to the performance which means you are actually grown up when you start to open your mind. The more responsibilities you are undertaking,the more missions you are able to finish.Only if you worry as your boss do can you have the horizons like your boss do.Come on,check the five realms of foreign traders to know what level you are at.
1.Focus on the order:
Those who want to make a deal in a haste know little about the customers because all their work is around the order and that means those are just newbies.They attract the customers with qualities,prices and contact however they compromise on the prices in order to get the order.In the negotiation, some of the newcomers like to be tougher who prefer to communicate with the customers face to face while others are gentler but eager to make a deal which makes them catpaw.
In this realm,the traders are highly motivated but easy to have setbacks.They gradually understand the importance of skills and they begin to learn the skills.They just step into the society with strong personality so it seems difficult to quit the self-centeredness.
2.Focu on customers:
After few years work,they are clear that it is more important to get a customer than an order so they do their utmost to establish a long-term relationship with the customers.In addition,they start to think about what customers really want which makes their service thoughtful as well as relationship firm and the churn rate decreases.In the negotiation,they try their best to make a deal with the customers side by side but not just face to face.And they cope with the controversy appropriately to strive for win-win.They not only fight for the company’s profits but also give considerations to the customers relation.
Step by step,traders in this realm know that sales technique is psychology.With the gradually mature skills,they can cast self-centeredness aside and grasp the principle of altruism and maintain a good relationship with the customers.
3.Focus on the market:
When the traders grow further,they discover a truth that how many customers they own is not the key but the market.Therefore,they are quite concerned about the quality of customers and they exert all their energies to match up with customers' expansion in the local market to grow up together.
4.Focus on themselves:
Encountering with strong competitors,they realize that the sales achievement depends on the factors beyond sales ability such as R&D ability(Research and development ability) ,if the products are great for sale,if the products quality can be accepted by the market or the price is competitive.Only if they enhance their own core competitiveness can they ensure that the business goes well.As a result,they begin to have eyes on making their core competitiveness and they are even able to select the customers.
5.Focus on the trend:
Though having become the leading edge in the industry,they still discover that they encounter with the bottle neck.Hence they see that the trend is of necessity.They should choose those flourishing products and industry with huge potential market. Consequently they gather the information far and near ,thinking about what is the trend over and over again to make their best endeavours to fight prior to the trend.
Wow,the fifth realm means the real boss in foreign trade.That is what we,every traders fight for! Don't get upset even if you are still in the first realm. I believe that you can be on the top of the industry with your persistence one day!

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