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Dig out Your Potential Orders

By Admin on 2016-11-27 15:00:15 posted in Trade Learning

If you want your foreign customers to place more orders, you must pay more attention to study strategies and take some measures to find out the potential orders. Today, I want to share some tips to you!
1.It's important to keep after-sales service after your new customer places his first order from you. And you can recommend other products to him, because you have cooperated before and both of you have clearly known the process and you has gained the trust from customer. Therefore, when you recommend other products to him,he is more likely to accept it and make inquiries from you if he needs.
2.If your products follow the season, you can ask your customer 2-3months before next season that when his next order will be and if he needs you to offer sample in advance.
3.If you cannot hear from your customer after the first order, it is recommended to ask him the next order. When you have designed the new product, you can send it to your customer and ask him for suggestions. Besides, you should learn to observe the rules of placing orders from customers so that you can know when he will buy next time.
4.It's really important to maintain a good relationship with customers and you should make sure the good quality of products as a foundation. There are two methods: first, you can send sweet wishes e-card to your customers when foreign festivals come,such as Christmas and Thanksgivings. Second, you can present some Chinese traditional gifts to them, because customers will think that you put them in a prior place and it's more possible to place order with you in his first order.
5.When keeping a good relationship, you should try your best to satisfy his demands of discount. For example, he cooperates with others in 0.98usd per unit but you need 1 usd per unit. However, if you can reduce your price to 0.98usd , he will cooperate with you. I recommend you had better do that because it can keep a long term cooperation between both of you.
6.Making a new customer to a regular customer, first you need to promote your new product to them. You can make some discount in price for them, such as 3-5 percent. Moreover, if your customer place another order from you, it's acceptable for you to make some order to him. It's actually a kind of promotion that will please your customers.
7.Keep following your valuable customers. If you think highly of them and believe they will place big order to you, then you should prepare well and follow him.
8.For a repeated modifications of samples, if your customers have the potential power to buy, we should try our best to meet their needs. But if you actually cannot satisfy his demands, you can refuse him politely. Besides, the feedbacks of modifications of samples will be the important information for us, because it conveys the information of the local needs of their maket.
9.Keep contact with customers and pay attention to follow the big customers. You should make frequent communications with your customers in the process of production. It also doesn't necessarily to talk about the production,you can chat more about the trivial affairs with customers. After the shipment, you can inform him the schedule and the time of arrival. In fact, they all know that, but they will know you care about their order if you do that.
10.It's difficult to develop a customer, so you need to spend more time to keep a good relationship with him, such as after-sales service and a good relationship. But the best way to maintain a good relationship with your customer is to go abroad to visit them.
11.If you want to make your customer place anothe order, first, you should offer a good after-sales servic and second, you should deal with your customer's problem well. If you do well in after-sales service and quality, it will be sure that customers will place orders.
I believe what I mentioned above is familiar to you. But according to my experience, success always belongs to the man who does simple things perfectly. Where there is a will , there is a way! Fighting!





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