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AS2 Gateway is an assured B2B trading platform EDI for secure file transfer via AS2. Developed by AdroitLogic, the solution provides reliability for businesses.

AdroitLogic AS2 Gateway provides a B2B trading platform for organizations trading over the AS2 protocol, with a simplified and intuitive interface  concealing the underlying complexities from end users.

Secure and Reliable Business Data Interchange over the internet

AS2 Gateway is fully compliant with the AS2 specification published by Drummond and Morberg, while ensuring the security of exchanged data via encryption, digital signature validation and guaranteed integrity through MIC (Message Integrity Check) hashing.

Data security is further enhanced by utilizing the latest SSL/TLS channelling technologies as a supplementary security standard.

Statistics and Monitoring

AS2 Gateway is enriched with statistics view where users can monitor the number of messages transferred within a particular time frame.

What's inside AS2 Gateway

Simplified Certificate Management

AS2 Gateway facilitates digital certificate manipulations through a simplified user interface, providing an easy and intuitive means of generating, importing and exporting certificates in different formats.

Connecting Internal Systems

With dedicated SFTP connectivity for your organization, AS2 Gateway can be configured to automatically upload inbound documents into relevant SFTP locations, offering a versatile integration point for your existing internal systems.


API allows you to list messages (inbox / sent), fetch details and download content/attachments of a specific message, and its receipt (MDN) and send a message out. This feature is now available during trial period for all users.

Logging and Auditing

AS2 Gateway provides audit trails for organization administrators to monitor the actions executed by users.

Notifications via Email

Never miss out on the important events by configuring AS2 Gateway to automatically send important notification emails to relevant users of the organization.

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