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The Skills of Reply Inquiry of Class A

By Jenny on 2016-11-14 09:17:43 posted in Trade Skills

Mzost of you may doubt that what is the inquiry of class A? Don't worry. I am going to tell you the answers today.

1.What’s the inquiry of class A?

A.With name--this is a kind of polite and considerate customer who will address the receiver one to one.

B.They will clearly tell you what they are interested in and ask you to offer the price list, including the amount, specification, packing, the origin of product, quality standards, delivery time, the relevant certificates, port of arrival and so on to show their sincerity to cooperate with you.

C.He will give a brief introduction of their company's background to draw your interest and make you know more about him.

Generally, the inquiry of class A is featured as the specific and strong interest to purchase. Therefore, as the salesman, you should give priority to handle such inquiry.

2.Features of class A

As a professional buyer, we kown about the products, macro intro of ourselves and we also  are  sensitive to the price. At the same time, we attaches great importance to the quality of product and know clearly about the demand. so your profession should be reflected by your reply.

3.The main points to reply:

A.You can know customer from the other side from the introduction himself, for example, you can search his company online and land in his website to know the scale, the property and the scope of his business.

B.Give firm price directly, with the development of e-commerce, it's impossible to send an inquiry to just one supplier, it's totally normal for buyers to make comparison shopping. This kind of customer has no time to bargain with you, if your price is higher than your competitors who have the same quality as you, you will be eliminated directly.

C.You must to answer all the questions that customer asked in the email.

D.You should add more basic information that customer doesn't mention, such as pictures of product, name of products, the article number, specifications, certifications, unit price, payment term, packing, delivery time, shipping time and so on.

E.If customer gives an inquiry of several products, you should give the price list respectively and make full preparation to persuade your customer to buy.

F.Using more professional terms in products and trade to show your professionalism and make your customer feel comfortable to buy.

G.Take immediate action to reply, otherwise, you will find someone has beaten you to it.

HAsk your customer to reply to you whether the price is acceptable to him or not, because to some extent, it can help you to find out your weakness and make more improvements.







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