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Website: is part of a group of e-marketplaces and directories developed by Global Importex Access Limited to serve B2B communities at the national and international level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a supreme global network consisting of national business communities. We offer Exporters/Importers local support, linking them together through our multilingual capabilities and present them with the opportunity to trade globally and compete with multibillion dollar trading houses and multinational manufacturing companies, all that at a very affordable price.

Global Trade Networks is the key to our global strategy.

Global Trade Networks links together our National e-marketplaces from around the world, building relationships across national small to medium business (SMB) and creating a true global network of importers and exporters.

We aim to bring confidence and simplicity to global trade by developing faster, easier and simpler ways to make your business grow and serve your clients better.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Global Trade Network by representing your Country through your own National e-marketplace, please contact Jim Koras.

Bringing business to your business is our business.

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