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Website: is a free b2b marketplace of export and import, offers company directory, Required Materials, companies information, Saudi e-catalogues, catalog and trade leads to importer, exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier.

Saudi Arabia has been and for a long time been viewed and considered as a gold mine for suppliers and traders both in the region and in the world. The wealthiest and largest market in the area has attracted and keeps on attracting the eyes of the main manufacturers in the world for its large size, geographical location, high income per capita and a large consuming public.

Despite the way it is viewed, Saudi Arabia boasts high quality and standard of products and services manufactured on its own land. These factories concentrate mainly on satisfying local and national demand. A very small percentage of them ventured successfully into exporting outside of the GCC. Their reasons for such risk averseness and shyness to export differ from one industry to another. The main reasons could be summarized by the high cost of penetrating new markets, inability to find the right information about those countries, weak and sometimes non-exitent networking, high cost of transportation, lack of proper communication plans and direction, just to mention a few.

When you open a National account for trade tie-up and promotion, you will engineer the development of a targeted yet faster business relationships in an unrivaled speed with the world. If you are thinking of increasing the volume and frequency of your exports to the world as well as penetrating new international markets, this is the place to start. Open your account today.

The practice was established to provide an exceptional edge in harnessing the latest business opportunities, identifying and locating regional and international distributors and resellers for its Saudi clients' entire suite of products and services, facilitating potential franchises, navigating and exploring joint venture partnership potentials, finding alternative raw material sourcing and landing new product agents and resellers for Saudi Arabian-based businesses across the world networks. combination of people, practices, and partnerships deliver transparency and unrivalled speed-to-market for our clients sourcing needs. Client Advisory Services Office (CASO) professionals assist corporations, business owners, business development managers, procurement officers, as well as sales and marketing managers to architect and engineer the development of faster business relationships by bringing businesses together to exchange ideas and invite matched potential business partners to the table to boost the size and enhance the efficiency of Saudi exports worldwide.

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