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As the first professional online B2B platform for woodworking machinery in China, It's specialized in promoting the e-commerce development of woodworking machinery and upgrading the traditional international acquisition & trade activity into a new E-Commerce Model, which is highly efficient and cost-effective.

Professional online platforms for woodworking machinery are still underdeveloped in China

At present, the professional online platforms for woodworking machinery are still underdeveloped in China. The total value of China woodworking machinery has exceeded10 billion RMB and that of China furniture & wood products manufacturing industries has reached 50 billion RMB, while that of online acquisition has increased to around 3.5 billion RMB, which presents that online trading has become a comprehensive platform to offer buyers more access to brand awareness and product experience. Now,for some woodworking machinery enterprises, traditional media can only be allowed to limited content; for some buyers, who lack of knowledge of woodworking machinery, are eager to learn the more focused, visual, convenient and direct means for display and promotion, which greatly lays the foundation for the birth of

Create the first online B2B Platform for woodworking machinery has both Chinese and English versions, and will be developed into other versions of multiple languages. With its unique market position and comprehensive services, this professional online B2B platform will become an important channel for business communication & exchange, and post & receipt of information. has received wide attention from both domestic and international customers. helps domestic enterprises of woodworking machinery to grasp the latest technology, offers future-oriented B2B e-commerce solutions and establishes an integrated service system for widely strategic alliance. It closely integrated related products of China woodworking machinery industry and woodworking suppliers and buyers so as to help the products find customers easily, while the needs of buyers can be met easily.

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