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Website: is the website for Industrial Products Finder magazine which has been following the engineering and industrial product profiles for the past 37 years. allows you to efficiently and quickly search through product profiles of engineering and industrial products from Indian manufacturers. Also allows you to read the IPF magazine digitally and view the ads from the magazine.

IPFonline Ltd., with Head Office in Chennai, and branch sales offices in 11 cities across India, is a corporation owned by IL&FS, HDFC, and R V Pandit, the Founder & Publisher of Industrial Products Finder ( the IPF in the company name), the monthly magazine since October 1972. The company also owns The Indian Textile Journal, and Automotive Products Finder, both monthly magazines.

Industrial Products Finder was visualised and conceived as an industrial new-products-news monthly by R. V. Pandit, and was launched as such in October 1972. Right from the first issue, more than 38 years ago, the magazine contained unique features. It showcased exactly what the name of the magazine proclaimed: Industrial Products Finder. It carries only advertisements on industrial products, which is awaited news in industry circles.

The magazine, being industry-centric in nature, is made available only through prepaid annual (1-year and 3-year, and 5-year) subscriptions to businesses, industries and technical/managerial personnel, so as to avoid wastage. All of the above continues to be so even today.

Yet, there have been dramatic changes. Over the years, the magazine has grown in size and reach. It is so popular that it is simply known as IPF in industrial circles. It is so useful to readers that anybody in industry who gets to examine it becomes its subscriber. As a standing testimony to its reputation, thousands of subscribers (both companies and individuals alike) who initially subscribed to the early issues of IPF from 1972 are still its subscribers even today.

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