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As a leading trade promotion company in Greater China, b2s promotes global trade between worldwide buyers and suppliers from the region in five industries: Electronics, Gifts & Home, Components, Lighting, and Home Electrical. We assist suppliers to build up their brands, promote their brand messages and products to worldwide buyers. For buyers, we offer free sourcing tools and personalized sourcing services to help them locate products and suppliers' information.

Rooted in Hong Kong and with branches across China and Taiwan, b2s has been growing since its inception in 1997.

b2s Online Marketplace is our renowned trade portal set to bring worldwide buyers to suppliers. Various sourcing tools are available on for buyers to source products according to their needs, and for suppliers to promote their brands and products.

Products and services

For suppliers:

Product Showroom - develop your own Showroom to demonstrate your brands and products to buyers worldwide

Product Alert - draw the attention of relevant buyers to your newly posted products.

Web hosting - increase your Web site traffic by linking it up to our powerful search engine

Electronic banner - significantly increase your browsing rate through an attractive banner

Comm-Cat - an integrated e-commerce solution. With Comm-Cat, you can easily build your own professional and multi-functional homepage to serve as an alternative communication channel with your clients.

Cashcrop - a prestigious channel to attract buyers. Only reliable suppliers of good quality are eligible to join Cashcrop.

For buyers:

b2s Search Engine - find products and suppliers efficiently through "Product Search" or "Supplier Search"

Product Alert - receive the latest product information in your inbox according to your chosen product categories, helps you stay ahead of others.

Cashcrop - receive information on the most-demanded products from reliable suppliers in your inbox. Join us now!

MarketSelect - Receive information on our handpicked design products in your inbox. Join us now!

Personalized Sourcing - Save time and money by letting our Buyer Services Officer help you find the best-matched quality suppliers.

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