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The standard is established after surveying a number of international buyers. It is a system to evaluate qualified manufacturers, it aims to save buyers' time when searching reliable manufacturers as well as lowering the risk in the process of sourcing. Meanwhile buyers can take advantage of various communication channels, creating enjoyable sourcing experiences. With the help of MadeInAsia Standard, buyers can quickly match the purchasing requests and reduce the selection cost. invited ACG Inspection Limited to ensure high-quality suppliers.

The professional inspectors adhere to the internationally recognized ISO9000 Standards for Quality Management Systems, independently assess everything from production capacity and quality control system to staff facilities and working conditions. Inspectors go on site and get the information the client need to ensure suppliers. Confirm the factory has the production capacity and quality to meet the client's production needs. Then sending a detailed report informing the client if the factory passed or failed. The inspection team works on the principle of profession and integrity and will always provide the highest standards of service to all clients.

For manufactuers, choosing MadeInAsia Standard offers transparent company operations. It means demonstrating integrated company competitiveness, strengthening brand credibility by an independent international third-party authentication process.What's more, MadeInAsia Standard helps company to achieve status of a highly trusted partner in foreign trade, while enhancing the possibility of the successful sales transaction.

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