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Website: is an Oils B2b Marketplace and The world's leading B2B trade portal for Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Biodiesel.

BulkOil was created in 1998 with the vision of connecting buyers and producers/sellers of Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Biodiesel over the Internet.  Since its inception, BulkOil has significantly increased oil professionals’ international business opportunities by helping sellers expand their export market, and buyers locate producers and sellers from around the globe. 

After over 10 years on the Internet as a free B2B Trade Portal for Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Biodiesel, we are pleased to welcome you to the NEW BulkOil.

Inspired by the commercial visibility and success that our customers have achieved from BulkOil, we have embarked on new challenges to broaden our offering.   No longer is BulkOil a spectator on the sideline, but a legitimate competitor who has positioned itself for leadership. 

Thanks to a joint venture with a group of IT industry professionals, BulkOil has developed and enhanced the portal with new products and services.

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