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The Agrifood portal and marketplace ( is an attempt to provide a vertically-oriented one-stop site to profile North American U.K. and emerging markets agbiotechnology.

The founders of CanBiotech from institutions including M.I.T, Harvard, Brown, McGill, University of Waterloo and University of Toronto, aim to create a central hub for the biotech industry through its portals and marketplaces, with equal, yet distinct representation of each of the following sectors: therapeutics/biopharmaceuticals, agrifood, devices/diagnostics.

The founders of CanBiotech bring over 13 years experience in molecular biology, cancer biology, gene therapy, drug delivery, ag-biotechnology, bio-IT, biotech business development, software and web development from various arenas including the biopharmaceutical industry, the agbiotech industry, the financial industry and the public sector.

CanBiotech, a private venture, is a company whose central premise is forming partnerships and creating synergies with a focus on the outsourcing of biotech research and business services through CanBiotech, online marketplaces or through CanBiotech, physical arm: CanBiotech Consulting. The goal is to enhance the biotech industry, enabling a new process of discovery and development, with an equal opportunity provided to all players, by fostering both cross-border interactivity between Canadian and U.S. biotechnology companies as well as provide for international partnering opportunities for the biotechnology industry.

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