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Electronical information exchange is a motor behind the economy of the 21st century. A great development of the internet already results not only in the change of the basic business processes and their acceleration but also influences the process of shaping of the demand for completely new products and services and generates a need for completely new methods of customer support. The access to the world information resources is now accessible by everyone. The resulting reduction of costs, of the reaction time and full personalization of customer support results in the development of positive business relations. Internet can be a very efficient source of contacts with business partners and suppliers but most of all can be a very attractive distribution channel with an unlimited range and working 24 hours per day. is an internet portal whose main goal is to help small and medium enterprises to reach much higher profits while reducing costs by publishing information about their offer in our portal. It is a form of building of a new and efficient distribution channel for products and services. unites an electronic catalog of companies and trade leads. Each company can publish both information about their activity, contact data, and also information about products or services offered or seeked, or expectations from a potential cooperation. Users of our portal have a full access to all information allowing them to establish a business contact and exchanging information with a potential partner is very easy.

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