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Website: - Electronic Network Of China, in abbreviation electrical network.

Center the electrical network is vertical to the electronic electric appliance primary device commercial platform, is one of present home biggest electron electric appliance websites, it is different with gateway website and so on the Alibaba, Chinese net, Sohu, Yahoo. Its thorough settlement has sought in with difficulty the electronic appliance shop in the gateway website the enterprise, the product, the

supply and demand information question, it is for the purpose of collecting the home most outstanding industry in enterprise to carry on the integrated promotion, to enhance well-knownness, expands the domestic and foreign services, breaks in the international market. Center the electrical network clears the movement officially in 2001, is the electronic electric appliance profession specialized middle school's industry electronic commerce website, passes through more than three years of joint efforts, the website has 120,000 enterprises and its 200,000 kind of products information at present, the resources is rich; The website use network technology conformity each profession resources, provide the product, the company, the supply and demand opportunity, the technology for the user, industry in the information,

unfold meet and so on each kind of information, opened many columns, the function has been complete, easy to operate; In industry in has obtained the high well-knownness, is industry in the enterprise develops the electronic commerce the ideal platform.

Center electrical network having industry in best electron, electric appliance, enterprise big yellow page. If you purchase business, through the Chinese electron electric appliance net, you only must lightly select the mouse, may obtain produces this kind of product all enterprises, and time to are many or the single enterprise transmits inquires the plate to ask to buy the letter. If you are the producer,

the Chinese electron electric appliance net has provided a higher quality service for you, you may found own product catalog, glances over, the inquiry for other members and relates with you. You only must spend a television day-long advertising expenditure merely, may make a year Internet advertisement. In the enterprise name list, the product catalog, the recommendation product promotes for a long time,

for the purchase business, the foreign merchant goes sightseeing, the exchange, and finally achieves the transaction.

Chinese electron electric appliance net service project roughly as follows:

The free member lands (this item for free service);

Male storehouse keeper (this item for free service);

Product storehouse (this item for free service);

Supply and demand information (this item for free service);

This website recommendation (this item for compensated service);

Advertisement (this item for compensated service);

The profession news, unfolds meets the information (this item for free service);

Electronic commerce mail service (this item for compensated service).

This website devotes to the domestic electron, the electric appliance to in crosswise union, the exchange, the cooperation as well as the foreign promoted trade, the synthesis product structure, is strong in the service function and with the home and Asia, Europe, Africa and so on the many large-scale electronic commerce website close cooperation, with ease enables you to grasp the electronic electric appliance the market. Allies the Chinese electron electric appliance net, recommends

your enterprise and the product with the aid of its formidable resources and the promoted function force, establishes becoming an information based society, net the management mechanism, participates in the whole world electronic commerce competition, hand in hand cooperates, the communal development is we hoped for to you, believed also is your unwise choice.

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