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Are You Ready for the Canton Fair?

By Admin on 2016-10-10 21:04:56 posted in Canton Fair

Although today is the last day of the National Day holiday, I find that many foreign traders have come back to work in advance. I hope the long vacation doesn't take away your heart because there comes an important work next week, the coming of the 120th Canton fair.
Canton fair, has always been the important purchasing platform and channel for overseas professional buyers. According to statistics, each year, there are more than ten thousand of buyers around the world coming to the fair while most of them are professional high-end buyers. Most Exhibitors are well-known, large-scale enterprises with large export. The combination of them both makes the entire exhibition tend to be more high-end. For the upcoming Canton fair, shall we foreign trader take part in? Or what shall we do?
Don't be confused one week before the fair
The fair begins on October 15, which means there is one week left after the National Day holiday. Experienced colleagues may have kept contacting buyers before or during the holiday, hoping to meet all important buyers in the fair. However, those who have no good preparations don't be worried as there is still one week left and you can classify all the buyers resources first and then invite them to your booth by email or phone call(do remember to list clearly your booth NO., time, and your contact. Don't think that they will know your information naturally as they will receive many suppliers' invitation in this period and you may lose this chance if you don't point it out clearly). Of course, you should mark out whether the customer will come to the fair and focus on those who will come. And for those target customers who don't come to the fair, you could keep recommending products by email.
If you don't take part in the fair, don't be disappointed. Although the event is held within the pavilion, buyers who rarely come to China will not easily leave. So this week, you can do the same thing, screening and contacting buyers, marking down buyer list who come to the fair and then inviting them to visit you and see the products. Although in this way you can only see a few buyers, as long as you have a try, you can invite some buyers too. If buyers are willing to visit you in this busy period, they must have strong purchasing intention.
Foreign traders should grasp every chance and cherish every chance that can do something for yourself or the company.

What enterprises should do one week before the fair

Companies have the opportunity to take part in the fair must invest a lot. In addition to the cost of applying for booth and personnel costs, they also need to prepare the best samples for fair. Enterprises should choose the latest and the most hot sell products and make the new samples for exhibition. If there are new products, then get ready before the fair and well protect them during the arranging period and show them until the day of the fair.
Enterprises who don't take part in the fair also should well arrange the showroom for the visit of buyers at any time. Samples in showroom should be placed neatly and promotion models should be updated for the visit of customers. Besides, production line in factory should also be tidied up because oversea buyers care much about the production line and the workshop materials placement. Many suppliers don't pay attention to it and lose customers because of this.
Enterprises should be prepared for the reception of customers, supporting and encouraging foreign trade department to invite customers to factory.
So, the week before the fair is very important to foreign traders and enterprises. We should seize the time and get well prepared for the fair. As long as you get prepared, the fair will be more meaningful.
In addition, here is the Canton fair time schedule:
The 120th Canton fair begin on October 15. The first phase of the installation time is October 13 at 8: 30 to 24:00, October 14 at 8:30 am to 12 pm. There are three phases of the fair according to different industries. The first stage starts from October 15 to October 19 while the second phase from October 23 to October 27 and the third stage from October 31 to November 4. The dismantlement of the exhibition is on the last day afternoon of each phase fair. Specific information please subject to the official notice.

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