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Website: is the pioneer of I-commerce which combines online selling, logistics, marketing, finance and other services on one platform.

Industrial Commerce pioneer Inxeption Corp. was founded in 2017 by three veteran software entrepreneurs—Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Terry Garnett. They combine decades of experience as innovators with a deep understanding of the challenges millions of businesses face making, selling, and shipping industrial products.

In 2017, Farzad reconnected with Mark and Terry, two experienced investors and technologists he had first met and worked with at Oracle. There, in both product development and marketing roles, all three helped create the fundamental infrastructure needed to digitize content and distribute it online. Farzad went on to be the founding CEO in a series of innovative software companies including Diba and Niku, (which Goldman Sachs took public in a $7B IPO), as well as the LED lighting company Noribachi. Terry became an active technology investor at Venrock and later co-founded Garnett Helfrich, whose success stories included Blade Network Technologies and Wyse Technologies. He also was an early investor in companies including Siebel, Niku, and COO Mark Moore spent nearly a decade on the Oracle Database Kernel Development team specializing in highly scalable data systems, and he later was a senior executive at companies including Diba, Niku, and Recommind, as well as founder and CEO of OneTrueMedia/Spotmixer.

Unlike many application software companies, Inxeption did not begin as a technology that went looking for a market. Farzad, now CEO of Inxeption, was running an LED manufacturing company based in Los Angeles that was growing fast, and yet he was frustrated with the high costs and inefficient practices of lighting distributors. He felt traditional sales channels actually got in the way of his communication with customers and limited the company’s ability to grow even more.

Farzad soon realized that the challenges he faced were common across many kinds of manufacturing and other B2B companies. But when he looked for technology to help his company, he found piecemeal, under-powered solutions that could not handle the complexity and demands of industrial commerce. No wonder so many manufacturing companies and businesses were years, even decades behind the digital transformation that Amazon helped pioneer in B2C. Farzad saw this as an opportunity to not only create software to help companies but also to advocate for them in buying services.

In forming Inxeption, the focus has been on solving challenges that every business owner faces--namely, how do you improve both top and bottom-line performance. Inxeption is an integrated, digital commerce platform that not only helps a customer optimize operations and drive top-line growth, but one that also enables a customer to collaborate and operate more efficiently and effectively in the larger digital ecosystem. Built on cutting-edge blockchain architecture, Inxeption’s cloud-based platform gives companies insights to key aspects of their businesses, while also equipping them to sell online and even create online marketplaces.

At the end of the day, as Farzad says, the details of the technology are not nearly as important as making sure Inxeption helps its customers “Do Business Better.” That means having not only a strong, flexible online commerce platform that can process orders and manage digital marketing, but one that also provides critical business services such as logistics, supply chain management, business loans, insurance, and strategic consulting. Inxeption’s unique design makes it easy and quick to deploy for companies of virtually any size, whether they are trying to completely transform or seeking digital optimization of specific business channels such as selling excess inventory, parts, and samples.

Inxeption is based in Brisbane, California, with offices in New York and Atlanta.

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