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Website: is an independent and transparent B2B vehicle trading platform that allows you to easily increase your purchasing and selling performance.

Easily maximize your results on the fastest growing all-in-one auction platform. Manage your entire trading process, from appraisal to administrative and logistics handling within one online B2B Platform.

The car industry is very dynamic and always demands a lot from the various organizations involved. Therefore, the digitization of the trading process is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to our smart software solutions, we can link the right companies to each other every day. 

Driven by innovation, we make our platform more powerful every day. By thinking creatively and using the right technologies, we produce more and more intelligent connections between the supply and demand in the automotive world.

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xiaoweilai 2022-08-20 16:46:59

High performance Billet aluminum Dry Break Quick Release adapters
Quick Release adapters / Break Quick Release adapters / High performance Quick Release adapters
Product Description
* 100% Brand new, never used.
* High Quality Aluminum Material
* Performance 6061 billet aluminum quick release fittings are very lightweight and allow for quick and easy disassembly by and of any fluid related component,without mess or spills
* Fitting Size: AN3/AN4/AN6/AN8/AN10/AN12
* Fitting Type: Adapter fittings
* 37° angled sealing surface guarantees a positive anti-leak seal
* Application: Universal, such as: Oil/ Fuel/ Water/ Fluid/ Air Line More»

xiaoweilai 2022-08-20 16:47:31

180 Degree Aluminum One Piece Full Flow Swivel Hose End AN4 AN6 AN8 AN10 AN12 Fittings
180 Degree Full Flow Swivel Hose End / 180 Degree Hose End Fittings / AN8 Hose EndDescription
* 100% Brand new, never used.
* High Quality T-6061 Aluminum Material
* Anodized Finish for Durability
* Swivel design for easy assembly
* Work with all stainless braided and nylon braided hose
* Fitting Size: -4 AN to -20 AN
* Angle: 0 Degree (straight)
* Color: All color More»

xiaoweilai 2022-08-20 16:49:36

High Performance Full Flow 120 Degree AN4 AN6 AN8 AN10 AN12 Cutter Style Swivel Hose Ends
High Performance Hose Ends / 120 Degree Cutter Style Swivel Hose Ends / 120 Degree Hose Ends
* 100% Brand new, never used.
* High Quality T-6061 Aluminum Material
* Anodized Finish for Durability
* Swivel design for easy assembly
* Work with all stainless braided and nylon braided hose
* Fitting Size: -4 AN to -20 AN
* Angle: 0 Degree (straight)
* Color: All color More»

kaka 2022-08-23 16:18:37

custom Home Decoration square polygonal cylindrical clear plexiglass crystal acrylic mini desk globe paperweight ornament
globe paperweight / crystal paperweight / acrylic paperweight
Holiday Gifts: The perfect gift for any occasion. Globe paperweights are holiday gift souvenirs that symbolize peace, purity and enlightened wisdom. Available as Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Anniversary Gifts More»

kaka 2022-08-23 16:19:25

bulk 40 50mm solid round transparent small juggling red blue translucent spheres balls acrylic crystal ball bead
bulk juggling ball / juggling crystal ball / 40mm acrylic ball red
ountry of manufacture: China
Material: color hemisphere paperweight
Main body size: diameter 50MM, radius 25MM
weight: about 81 gram
Note: Due to the hand-made by craftsmen, there are individual differences in size, weight and texture. More»

kaka 2022-08-23 16:20:31

Wholesales Home Decoration solid Acrylic Resin Contact Juggling Magic show Clear Crystal Balls
Clear Crystal Balls / Magic show Clear Crystal Balls / solid Acrylic Resin Clear Crystal Balls
Great fun at Christmas - looks like you're floating a giant Christmas bauble through a stary sky- and then move to talk about the Christmas star that lead the way to the stable.
A stunning effect! As you can see the ball floating freely behind, in front of and above the transparent cloth this is even more mesmerizing than the floating Zombie Ball - which uses a heavy black cloth and different gimmick.
One perfect classic novelty magical gift to anyone for kids show, street souvenir, stage magic, birthday parties, halloween etc. or for all those who are interested in performing entertaining magic tricks with friends and family. More»

popo 2022-08-29 15:52:57

PinRui 3D Printer 1.75mmPETG Filament Orange Color For 3D Printer
PETG Filament / 3d Printer Filament / 3d filament
Product type: PETG Filament
Printing Temperature: 200-240℃
Floor Temperature: 100-120℃
Standard Weight: Net weight 0.8KG,Gross weight 1.1KG
Packaging: 8 pcs per carton, 11.5kg per carton;carton size is 43.5*43.5*18.5cm More»

popo 2022-08-29 15:53:29

PinRui High Quality 1kg 3d PLA+ Filament PLA Pro 1.75mm Filament
PLA Filament / 3d printer filament pla pro / 3d filament
Product type: PLA+ Filament
Printing Temperature: 190-220℃
Floor Temperature: 0-60℃
Standard Weight: Net weight 1.0KG,Gross weight 1.3KG
Packaging: 8 pcs per carton, 11.5kg per carton;carton size is 43.5*43.5*18.5cm
Customing: 250g, 500g, 1.0KG, 2KG, 3kg,5KG
Advantage:PLA+ has high toughness and good rigidity. It is used for FDM 3D printing with balanced fluidity and good adhesion strength between layers. It is used for printing products with high requirements on structural strength. More»

popo 2022-08-29 15:53:54

Printed today, the Zenith is loaded with 1,000-point Space Marines. Found the puppet battle. Decided to start over and reprint my army. Thankfully, only 22 are currently in print. The puppet fights are awesome, let's give them a little more energy. More»

popo 2022-08-31 17:58:18

(1R) -1- (3-Bromophenyl) ethanol
(1R) -1- (3-Bromophenyl) ethanol/(1R)-1-(3-Bromophenyl)ethanol/(1R)-1-(3-Bromophenyl)ethanol
Boiling Point:
264.2 oC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point:
Refractive index:
1.572 More»

popo 2022-08-31 17:58:57

(S) -(-)-1- Phenylethanol
(S) -(-)-1- Phenylethanol/(S)-(-)-1-Phenylethanol/(S)-(-)-1-Phenylethanol
(S)-1-Phenylethyl Alcohol, is a chiral building block used for the synthesis of various pharmaceutical compounds. It can also be used as a chiral derivatizing agent for determining the absolute configuration of secondary alcohols.
Molecular Weight:
Boiling Point:
98℃ (20 mmHg)
Melting Point:
Flash Point:
-42.5 º (NEAT)
Storage Temperature:
Refractive index:
20g/l More»

popo 2022-08-31 17:59:19

(S) -(-)-1- Phenylethanol
A novel microbial esterase BSE01281 identified from the Indian Ocean was cloned, expressed, and functionally characterized. Esterase BSE01281 could enanoselectively resolve (±)-1-phenylethanol and (±)-1-phenylethyl acetate through two types of enzymatic reactions. After the optimization of enzymatic reactions, BSE01281 could efficiently generate (R)-1-phenylethyl acetate with high enantiomeric excess (99%) and high conversion (42%) after 96 h trans-esterification reactions. Additionally, BSE01281 could also produce (R)-1-phenylethanol (e.e. 99%) and (S)-1-phenylethyl acetate (e.e. 95%) at a conversion of 49% through direct hydrolysis of inexpensive racemic 1-phenylethyl acetate for 8 h. Optically pure (R)-1-phenylethanol generated from direct enzymatic hydrolysis of racemic 1-phenylethyl acetate by BSE01281 is not easily prepared by dehydrogenases, which generally follow the "Prelog's rule" and give (S)-1-phenylethanol instead. More»
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Guest 2022-09-03 14:55:54

rain silk
rain silk / tassel rain curtain / rain curtain
【APPLICABLE SCENES】Perfect as a gold party backdrop for Birthday, Wedding, Bachelorette, Gender Reveal, Baby Shower, Bridal Show, Graduation, Anniversary, Hollywood, Christmas, Christening, or New Year party etc... They are also suitable for ceremony, Bar, disco, etc...
FANTASTIC DECORATION:Bring to life an elegant Glitter and Gold/Silver/Red themed prom or bachelorette parties.You will be surprised at the atmosphere and view they create! ...More»

Guest 2022-09-03 14:56:23

Wholesale 1*2m foil rain curtain for birthday party wedding background decoration rain silk multicolor tassel rain silk party
rain curtain / tassel rain curtain / rain silk
The beautiful foil tinsel curtains are good for adding sparkle atmosphere as decorations for parties, like Hollywood Party, Homecoming Party, Christmas Party, Birthday Party, Theme Party, Halloween Party, New Year Eve, Bachelorette Party, Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Showers, Graduations and more. They are also suitable for ceremony, bar, stage background, disco etc.
The top of all fringe door streamer curtains is covered with double-sided adhesive tape, No Push Pins or Tack Needed. With a sticky strip on top so they are super easy to hang and stay up pretty well. Perfectly stay in place for the duration of indoor outdoor event.
The metallic backdrop curtain made by aluminium foil with laser spangle, more shining and beautiful, high quality & non-toxic, odorless and non-fading.
Package Included: 2 Pac

Guest 2022-09-03 14:56:48

tassel rain curtain
It is a nice party drapes background for birthday party at the back/behind of the dessert table
So sparkle metallic tinsel curtains cover the fence for the bachelorette party
Adorable background covers door perfectly for a great birthday girl surprise! It is great to cover a door for a birthday surprise greeting.Great, really great! ...More»

Guest 2022-09-06 13:44:32

inflatable swimming outdoor storage bag float bag water buoy,inflatable equipment buoy
inflatable buoy / inflatable float / inflatable bag
inflatable equipment buoy is a swimming safety float and a trustworthy companion for swimmers in open water.
inflatable equipment buoy can be used as a floating device, or to soothe a troubled swimmer.
inflatable equipment buoy is an ultra-light swimming buoy, a perfect rest stop, which can provide a safe way to float and rest during your swimming.
inflatable equipment buoy is brightly colored, light weight, and has a belt. It clearly floats behind the swimmer in open water, making it easier for lifeguards, rowers and other open water vehicles to see the swimmer.
inflatable equipment buoy is perfect for open water swimmers, triathletes or anyone else who can benefit from increased confidence in the water. ...More»

Guest 2022-09-06 13:45:17

Factory Direct Sale Inflatable OEM&ODM SAFETY Buoy /DRY BAG DONUT
inflatable buoy / safety booy / inflatable donut
This style of dry bag offers swimmers the opportunity to access products whilst in the open water.
The donut shaped buoy features a double lined central dry bag which means you can assess a drink, nutrition, spare goggles, Go Pro etc whilst on the move.
The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around the swimmer's waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of stroke-range whilst swimming.
The bag is highly recommended for all open water swimmers who may need to carry their valuables when going for a swim, or anyone who wants extra visibility when swimming in the open water.
We offer ODM&OEM service ...More»

Guest 2022-09-06 13:45:45

Swim Safety Float with Drybag , Water Swim Buoy Float , inflatable equipment buoy
inflatable mannequin / inflatable toy / inflatable equipment buoy
Happier and better swimming with Swim Safety Float with Drybag --- it gives me confidence because I have a safety buoy that gives me confidence while swimming, beautiful swimming buoy for me and my family ...More»

Guest 2022-09-08 14:20:11

Update your living room with the Loveseat Contemporary Faux Leather Loveseat. This modern loveseat features a smooth white breathable faux leather upholstery with sleek chrome trim accents. Supported on chrome cylindrical feet, this piece offers a comfortable seating experience, perfect for your home sweet home! ...More»
Faux leather sectional Loveseat living room sofa set with storage bag
White faux leather loveseat / Storage bag / living room sofa

Guest 2022-09-08 14:20:38

LUXURY COMFORT: this sofa set provides great comfortable with Black Bonded Leather upholstery, pillow top backrest and armrests, and pocket coil spring seat cushion covered with premium foam; feature heat radiating designed backrest to offer more comfort
EASY TO USE: just pull the switch on the side of the couch lightly, then you can lay down and relax. The split back design allows you to recline one seat back from 90 ° to 160° while keeping others upright
DURABLE MATERIAL: our reclining sofa set is upholstered with Bonded Leather, it is very durable and easy to clean.
DROP DOWN CENTER CONSOLES: 3-seat sofa and loveseat is featured with drop down table and tea cup holders for storing your remote control and cups. Perfect for Living Room Seating Theater Seating. ...More»
Faux leather sectional sofa living room sofa set with cupholder folding sofa bed
faux leather sectional sofa / folding sofa bed / living room sofa set with cupholder
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