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The total output value of one of Taiwan's leading industries, auto and motorcycles parts and accessories, has increased persistently in recent years. The industry is the type that is most widely seen in Taiwan , which is mainly composed of small- and medium-sized enterprises with high export competitiveness. Due to determined devotion by Taiwanese manufacturers in R&D, product quality upgrading, and flexible marketing, the export value of the industry has shown an increasing trend year after year as well. From neighboring Southeast Asia to far-away West Africa and South America, Taiwan-made auto and motorcycles parts and accessories have long and firmly stood as products of necessity and reliable quality.

According to customs statistics, the export value of Taiwan 's auto parts and accessories for 2007 reached NT$147.9 billion, an increase of 11.29% from the previous year. By relying on closely linked domestic supply chains, adapting to market development trend, raising product quality and added-value, and actively diversifying markets, Taiwanese manufacturers have gradually reached the goal of global deployment. Taiwan-made auto parts and accessories are indispensable in the global market today.

In addition, the quality and technology of Taiwan-made auto parts and accessories are more advanced than China 's. This has long been recognized all over the world. As a result, Taiwan-made products enjoy higher price brackets. Faced with the burgeoning development of China 's counterparts, Taiwanese manufacturers are taking early steps to bring their advantages into full play. They tirelessly create leading edges in design and product quality in hope of creating new climaxes in their already outstanding performances.

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