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Website:, is a B2B trade marketplace, India's trade portal, SME global markets, world-class technology, opportunities and partnerships brought to the door, at the same time you bring unprecedented growth in international business and success.

SME Business Services Limited is MIDC SMEBS and Maharashtra joint initiative partners.

Maharashtra Government is committed to promote the industry, especially SMEs, in national growth. Some initiatives have been taken in this direction.

Small Business Service have been included to connect the global market for SMEs. The new company's main objective is to provide Web and IT-based small and medium market growth engine, especially for marketing products and services Maharashtra global exports. The company has tied up with international best varieties for the technology and services, leading SME network, a global online directory.

With our large portals,, to world-class technical force, you will experience and with the potential to find new ways for buyers and sellers to connect.

You can find new customers directly to your business growth. In fact, the most powerful features of the portal is to 'take the initiative to assist the search. 'This means that not only become a member you, but you also search on behalf of, 24 × 7 network.

Members of this site will connect buyers and sellers of more than 13,00,000 world will be able to release their products on the network and services directory. This site is multilingual in 16 international languages. International buyers, regardless of their business language, will be able to send the "offer" of English required members. This will help SMEs in the housing, in order to enhance and strengthen its global business market.

You may get more and more to join this new floats, and register your SME Business Services Limited in order to enjoy the global search engine market and the power company's actual business, Internet technology and other business services unbelievable benefits.

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