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The Canadian Trade Index ( came into existence in the year 1900, to promote the interest of Canadian industry, commerce and foreign trade.

P.W. Ellis, then the president of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association (now Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters) wanted to transform Canada's image as a supplier of raw materials to one that manufactured finished products of high quality. He needed a venue to spread the word about Canadian manufacturers and thus was born the Canadian Trade Index publication.

For decades, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters published and distributed the CTI. In 1998, Owen Media Partners entered into an agreement to become the exclusive publisher and distributor of the CTI on behalf of the CME. In June 2008, a new long term agreement was signed whereby Owen Media Partners continues to publish and distribute of the CTI on behalf of the CME .

In 1900, the CTI was the most complete industrial listing of the time, comprised of 800 of the main manufacturing companies in Canada. Today, the Canadian Trade Index is distributed and used extensively throughout Canada and worldwide, and now contains detailed information on over 30,000 Canadian companies, featuring nearly 100,000 product listings under more than 20,000 headings.

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