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Website: is the first online B2B agriculture marketplace for animal health products catering to the global animal health industry. The B2B trading platform allows users to find partners, negotiate prices, and complete transactions on animal health and pharmaceutical products no matter where they are in the world.

Whether you're a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, importer, exporter, or agent, Vetsquare's B2B Platform can connect buyers and sellers with industry players and potential partners in their own convenience, with the help of our customer assistance officers facilitating the transactions.

Bid on existing listings from buyers, or create product listings to get free quotations from sellers. Find animal care and pharmaceutical product suppliers through our portal. Its customer assistance officers can connect you with the most suitable veterinary and animal health suppliers, depending on your needs and location.


Buyers have two possible ways to buy products through Vetsquare. First, you can bid on existing product listings posted by sellers. You can either accept the offer of the seller or propose an alternative. As a buyer, you can also create a new product listing with all necessary information, and in turn, sellers can bid on your listing.


Vetsquare allows sellers two ways to sell products. You can create listings of your own offerings with detailed product descriptions, which potential buyers can then bid on. Sellers, who can be manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers, can also accept requests or propose offers on product listings posted by buyers. 

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