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China Zhengzhou Grain Technology Co., Ltd. (China Food Network) is holding by the China Grain Reserves Corporation, set food B2B transaction services, information services, price dissemination, business Internet services and other functions in one comprehensive professional food industry portal has always regarded the promotion of traditional food enterprises to improve the level of responsibility of information, continue to provide high quality information products and high level of technical means, widespread e-commerce idea, and strive for China to adjust and deepen the food industry to make the grain circulation system positive contribution, known as "the use of modern information technology to transform traditional industries and enhance the success of the traditional service model."

Since its inception in 1995, in the "deepening of the grain distribution system for the services, management services for food production, food distribution for the international services market," the purpose of growing technical strength, the expansion of the scope of services, dissemination of information to achieve food and transactions electronically, greatly reducing the transaction costs and improve operational efficiency. Reform of China's food industry, and improve enterprise management level to make a contribution, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Journal of Food Network's growth and development by central and local governments and departments at all levels of food support and care. NPC Vice Chairman Jiang Chunyun, secretary of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee Chen Kuiyuan, Governor Li Keqiang, Secretary Nie Zhenbang and other leading national food inspection a number of occasions the Chinese Food Network, Food Network on China spoke highly of the work.

July 2001 approved the State Planning Commission and Ministry of Public Security official Chinese Food Network as the "Internet electronic identity management and security platform Project" pilot units, the Ministry of Information Industry, Science and Technology Department of Henan Province China Food Network were identified as "enterprise software" , "high-tech enterprise in Henan Province." "China Food Network e-commerce systems" and the digital certificate by the Chinese Center for Food Network to form the basis of the "digital certificate authentication center in Henan Province" common information is listed in Henan Province, "fifth," planning of key projects.

After years of development, the Chinese food network information service system in the industry has occupied an important position. To ensure that the amount of information, quality and authority of the Food Network was established China is both the scale and focus on the professional and scientific management of the layout of information collection network members throughout the country more than twenty provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities. At present, the Chinese part Food Network has more than 200 types of information, the website published the text messages per day, price information, supply and demand information, and more than 1,000, of which the average daily text messages of up to 20 million words. Web site hits 140 million times per day, the highest rate of 200 million hits a day times.

Food Network has a Chinese returning from abroad to staff personnel as the main long-term focus on the food industry, information technology, network construction, and accumulated in the food industry application of information network technology experience, has been developed to adapt to food industry characteristics and needs of the "total solutions e-commerce network building" and "food auction management system" for all types of food the informatization construction of enterprises and institutions providing technical services.

Chinese Food Network in China Grain Reserves Corporation under the direct leadership, and actively explore the use of modern means to carry out the rotation in the grain storage business, to strengthen and promote information technology in the application level in the grain storage system, enhance and enrich the grain storage system and co-operation with relevant business information analysis and forecast level for grain storage systems in modern business management to contribute their efforts, and efforts to fight the Chinese Food Network in the domestic and international food on the most influential e-commerce platform.

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