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 ALIRO is a B2B Marketplace for agricultural commodities with integrated tools which allow users to list goods, receive offers, and negotiate contracts fully within the platform.  ALIRO's users consist of international commodity traders, brokers, producers, distributors, and retail chains – and with our KYC compliance process, ALIRO screen each party to certify the quality of ALIRO's database, and ensure the legitimacy of ALIRO's users.

Every day millions of trades between companies in the agriculture industry are conducted entirely over-the-counter – outside the operation of exchanges. It is impossible to compare prices of your goods without engaging in lengthy negotiations often conducted by phone or by email. ALIRO was born out of a need to streamline this process, and to introduce a central marketplace that would finally allow sellers and buyers of physical commodities to get the best possible price for their goods.

In the present days of globalization, free market competition, and commodity future contracts it can be difficult to sell agricultural commodities at a good price. It can be even more difficult to find a realible partner you can trust – and each new negotiation is often preceded by background checks and due diligence done by both parties.

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