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Website: is an international Business to Business e-commerce platform. Goomaai brings supply and demand of European and Chinese businesses closer to each other through the internet. was founded by Mr. Alex Liu, a second generation Dutch-Chinese who grew up in the city of Arnhem where he lived and worked for 30 years. Due to the yearly vacations to China with his parents he developed a relation with the complex language, area and culture. His first independent venture to China took place in the year 2006 with the intention, alike a multitude of European businessmen: search for opportunities in this rapidly emerging market.

This was the first of many travels to china to attend business missions and to extend his network in all parts of China. In 2008 Alex Liu was asked to be an assistant of NOC NSF in the Olympic Village during the Olympic Games in Beijing. During the stay in the Olympic Village he met a likeminded person with the same ambition and future business partner. With this business partner he shared his business idea to realize an e-commerce platform for international retailers in the European Union. That moment was the founding of Goumai.

The word Goumai, which freely translated means: 'purchasing' or 'Go Buy!' as a name was not very pleasing to the ear in China. Therefore they sought for a phonetically more appealing name. From this event the name Goomaai came forth which holds the same fitting meaning. The new writing method of Goomaai was administered by a Linguistics scientist in Beijing as GuMai. The word Gumai is constructed from two Chinese Characters´╝îwhich means rice grain and which means harvest. The name Gumai therefore symbolizes the core of success and good prospects. This name and intellectual property is registered under the Goomaai brand name.

In the beginning of 2010 the shareholders decided to focus on this rapidly growing and innovating market; figures showed an increase of internet users to 500 million in China and an ever increasing amount of internet transactions. The initial idea was to realize an official internet media enterprise in the vibrant business center of Shanghai. In Shanghai the Internet license, which is mandatory but hard to acquire, was requested but unfortunately not granted to Goomaai.

In October of 2010 the registration of Goomaai International was completed Hangzhou, 200 Km to the southwest from Shanghai where the largest internet enterprises are located like and TaoBao. This was followed in January 2011 by the successful registration of the important ICP license* to set up an internet platform for European suppliers with their target market in China.

Goomaai has evolved into an intelligent knowledge sharing network with a focus on innovation offering a platform for European suppliers who are eager to enter the opaque atmosphere of the largest market in the world, and do this in a reliable, fast and comfortable way. Currently Goomaai offers its platform and services to the majority of European countries.

Extensive market research of Goomaai In November 2011 concluded that there was a great interest in the European market for Chinese investors in sizeable investments in the areas of Agriculture, Food, Resources and Knowledge. This demand triggered the formation of the Goomaai Business Society: a business club for entrepreneurs from China and Europe. Within this society these entrepreneurs can request valuable services from Goomaai, Network with other dedicated members and set their first steps in China with both the help and Chinese market knowledge of the employees at Goomaai.

With this knowledge Goomaai has built a wide-ranging portfolio for foreign investments in Europe. Our investors consist of major companies in the following branches: 

- Private Investment 

- Automotive 

- Real Estate

Goomaai International gives direct access to a creative, high-tech, knowledge sharing collective of ambitious entrepreneurs. - Goomaai Business to Business (B2B) Portal between China and Europe

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