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Website: is the world's leading multilingual international trade, B2B marketplace, provides a lot of information about international trade business, provides the highest quality services for international trade enterprises, the world's leading international trade market. is a word-leading business to business (B2B) website that offers multilingual international trade classified information. With webpage versions of 25 languages available for the users, Cooben is set up to promote international trades throughout the whole world, so that worldwide e-commerce users can overcome the language barriers and share the business information around the world without much difficulty

1.Cooben has versions in 25 languages.

English, Japanese, French, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Danish, Czech, Latvian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

2.Unique services available for all Cooben users.

Introduce themselves in local languages to attract customers and help users and attract attention from native speakers easily. 

Browse the latest global supply & demand of products, industry information and other business information in native languages. 

Use Cooben on-line SMS tool to talk with foreign clients in their native languages. 

Define business scope based on capital and business features and purchase services in need. 

Consultants worldwide help you to do global business! 

A large number of agencies for international trade and the freight will pave a wider way of business for you ahead.

3.Cooben Goals.

Promote the advanced international trade and help businesses, industries, governments and individuals catch golden business opportunities with the potential language problems solved by Cooben

Versions in 25 languages for the information markets tailored by Cooben is available so as to meet the diverse demands of users in marketing campaigns in a stable range of languages, countries or regions.

4.Various customized services.

A large amount of information on foreign buyers is available.

Sellers set up their own multilingual websites on Cooben and show their products and carry out sales team management. 

Sellers publish information on sales bilingually while buyers publish product purchase information in various languages. 

Manufacturers look for agents all over the world while agents look for the best sources as well. 

Enterprises look for investment partners while investors look for business investment opportunities. 

Manufacturers look for product processing orders while enterprises with processing business look for processing manufacturers. 

Foreign trade companies and freight forwarding companies look for clients; while enterprises without import and export license look for business agents. 

Enterprises or individuals look for professional consulting services. 

Outsourcing services, commercial outsourcing and software outsourcing. 

Directory of Global Enterprises.

5.Other extra services.

World-class multilingual network platform of design, webpage design for enterprises or individuals. 

Cooben communication tools in 25 languages. 

Professional translation in 25 languages.

6.Cooben Wishes.

The mission of Cooben is to promote worldwide commercial companies so that they could forge ahead to the global market. We expect what Cooben has could help better the cooperation between buyers and clients. The return Cooben will make ret for you is exactly the international trade website that is available for global business information and localized professional services. - International b2b Trade marketplace

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