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Website: is the premier global online business-to-business marketplace where buyers and suppliers connect and profit. Billions of dollars of general merchandise, apparel, and fashion accessories are'sced through as millions of buyers throughout the world connect directly to suppliers in China, India, the USA and dozens of other countries. Together with TopTenWholesale, WholesaleU, and OffPriceNetwork, enjoys a strong position as the premier search engine marketing platform for USA wholesalers. We connect hundreds of thousands of credible buyers with worldwide sellers every month.

What Do helps buyers quickly'sce products, finding the right suppliers for profitable business transactions. Suppliers can use to easily list their companies and will be found by millions of buyers. Importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, independents, flea marketers, convenience stores, charities, discounters, auctioneers, dropshippers and entrepreneurs all use to find and establish valuable trade partners.'s Goals's mission is to be the #1 trading platform buyers rely on to connect with trade partners they can trust and build relationships with for future profits. want to help buyers "Find it.'sce it. Profit!"'s Vision strive to make the Internet a better place by addressing the community needs of buyers and suppliers while offering's users an easy to use interface where every aspect of their manufacturing, import, export, wholesale or retail business can be managed.'s Credo operate all areas of's business with an HIP-governed policy: Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism.'s responsibilities are to customers, investors, employees, users and partners. In meeting their needs, we strive to develop a community of the highest possible quality, taking user feedback to build world-class site usability. We are committed to providing a rewarding and challenging career for's employees.'s executive staff is committed to keeping the cost of goods to a minimum so we can reward investors and give back to the community.

JP Communications INC is dedicated to the welfare of its employees. Every day,'s team is committed to the men and women across the world who help make JPC INC and its properties global standards.'s employee compensation is excellent, and employees are reviewed periodically for salary increases and promotions. Working conditions are excellent, and the environment is wholesome.'s corporate culture motivates employees to achieve their potential as we value the opinions and feedback of every employee. We offer equal opportunity to all and assist in the career development of all the individuals working at JPC INC.'s final goal is to reward's stakeholders. All businesses must make a profit in order to grow, and we have a great deal of respect for those who trust their investment capital with us. We continually make sound investments overseen by's Board of Directors to ensure's executive team makes good business choices. - Manufacturers and Exporters Directory

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