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Website: is an innovative new commercial internet medium. A Tyloon visitor can seek the desired business information simply by typing a city name or a zip code. In addition, Tyloon also allows a visitor to expand the hunt by typing in an area code for a search result covered by that phone area or a state code, for a search result of the whole state. Tyloon is both user-friendly and more convenient for its visitors. Simply put, Tyloon, Inc. will revolutionize the Yellow Pages industry and the way people search for businesses, products and services on the internet.

Headquartered in El Monte, California, Tyloon Inc. is one of the prominent players in the local search engine segment. The Company, which is the brainchild of its parent company - 2GM Corporation and Mr.Ruiyi Ma, has achieved numerous milestones since its inception as a 'C' corporation in October, 2004. It's main website - was published by the end of December, 2005, and now it is ranked 5th among the most popular Yellow Pages websites in the U.S. by Alexa, and is ranked 8th in North America and 15th worldwide.

Tyloon, Inc. is credited with establishing the first ever 'single pipeline', or TRUE multilingual local search engine on the internet since is the only online Yellow Pages and local search engine in the world that allows visitors to search U.S. NATIONWIDE business contact information using keywords in English, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages or a mix of them.

Tyloon has filed two U.S. patents since May, 2005 for its innovative multilingual conversion system and online business method. One of the patent applications was also registered through PCT which is observed by a number of countries and gives the Company the right to file the same application in other countries within the 3 years but use original filing date.

Tyloon Inc. is currently working to further fine-tune its unique multilingual local search system - plus add other languages, such as French, Japanese, and German. As each language is included, a new marketplace is opened up for businesses and customers. Within several months, 11 million business listings in China, and 2.4 million business listings in Canada, will also be added to Tyloon - in an attempt to create a major commercial information bridge between North America and China.

With all the planned future expansions - and in the best interests of our users and merchants - Tyloon is seeking business partners, strategic alliances, and company representatives to join us in making grow faster and faster.

The only international yellow pages, multilingual local search engine, world business directory & unified e-commerce platform to search US and world businesses in multi-languages. - International Trade Leads and Business Directory

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